Wednesday, December 20, 2006

more scared of santa


as i write this there are still a few presents in the other room that are crying to be wrapped, christmas cards waiting to be sent (always some new friends that have added you to their list so...), and friends that i need to call. scott and mike especially--mike your package arrived, did mine?, scott--yes, whenever. i'll call ya tomorrow. also, i gotta call heather...

this whole blog will feature random pictures of the week as we continue with the "Scared of Santa" photos. hope ya dig 'em. i do. not that little kids crying makes me laugh but...well, sometimes they DO! : D

if you are still undecided what to get that special girl in your life, here's a suggestion from this week's saturday night live, courtesy of andy samburg and justin timberlake. just a thought. (scott, craig--i can't stop watching this...!)

something else that i just can't get enough of is the new weird al (yankovic) album, "straight outta lynwood". craig sent it to me last week and though i've been trying to listen to as many christmas tunes as possible to get in the spirit, i keep finding myself singing "weasel stomping day" instead of "winter wonderland"! check it out if you can! also, as usual, weird al's videos are hilarious!

a week or so ago i bought the audio book "the stupidest angel: a heartwarming tale of christmas terror" by christopher moore. don't miss it! sharon and i listened to it in the car going back and forth to the city to see scott (albeit briefly) and snl. we laughed the whole time! check it out if you wanna listen to some twisted holiday fun. also, they'll probably make a movie of it for next year. that's my prediction.
moore wrote a couple other books of which i've only read one. my (ex-girl-) best friend, dani, turned me onto "lamb--the gospel according to biff, christ's childhood friend". sacreligious? you would think, but, no. hilarious? damn right!

i realize that i am all "merry christmas!" and not getting as much "happy hannukah!"ing or "happy kwanza!"ing out there! but please know that i wish everyone the joy, peace, and love that the SEASON brings--that we can ALL join together in brotherhood no matter what or how we celebrate!
also, i just don't know any good kwanza or hannukah jokes...

i've been trying to get into the spirit but it's been tough with the lack of winter weather here. snow would help. a white christmas is always nice. it's also very hard because--and i really don't want anyone to respond to this--but this is the first year we are celebrating christmas without my mother. we lost her very close to the beginning of last year to cancer and, while last year was very sad and less-than-merry because of her sickness, this year is just very hard. she WAS our family, and though we are all very close--closer now through our loss--she is sorely missed.
as i said, please don't respond to this--just appreciate your family and loved ones this year, and all year.
and let them know.

happy hannukah!
merry christmas!
happy kwanza!
season's greetings!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

That second picture is hilarious. The expression on the kids' faces is topped only by the look in Santa's eyes.

Thanks for the holiday laughs. Best gift anyone can give or get.


Scott Weinstein said...

What no one here is saying is that everyone of those kids in those pictures are Jewish. That's why they are so upset. As children, we're taught that Santa steals all the good presents from Hanukkah Harry and replaces them with socks and crap like that. So, that's why you got a few lousy Star Wars figures when you were 9, and you're best friend got the whole f-in Ewok Village. (At least that's what my parents told me.)

But, now as an adult, I know that's all silly. Harry and Santa work together to spread peace and happiness to everyone. As proven by this documentary footage:

Happy Holidays everyone!

Anonymous said...

The second to last picture looks like Santa has a stump for a left hand!

That *would* be freaky!

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