Friday, December 01, 2006

random and procrastinating


it is a writer's job be creative. to test, and hopefully stretch, the boundaries of his or her imagination. to continually look for new twists and turns, new distractions and deviations, new put off actually sitting down and getting to work!

i'll admit it--it's true.
oh, there are days when you're on fire, when you can't wait to sit down and things just take off. times when you sit down to write and only look up at the clock, thinking you've been going at it for maybe an hour to find that 5 hours have passed! times when it's just magic...
but on those days when you need a really big jump-start, well, those are the days when you can be most creative. in finding ways NOT to work. there are lots of tricks we learn, we play on ourselves. rituals and routines we develop to convince ourselves that we're "warming up". other things that NEED doing--this blog is one of them--that we allow to take precedence over the real work, the paying gig.

i've got work to do and really nothing to say here. this is gonna be a random, just-before-the-weekend blog to show you a few pictures that i've been dying to show you (and one or two that i was told not to...)!
hope you dig 'em!

first up, is philippe scherding's latest submission--most of you will recall his underwater molly from a few months back, now posted in our all new fan art section!--choopie is nosferatu!

this, of course, will be posted in the fan art section shortly too!
thanks, philippe! love it! it's really great!

okay, so this i've had on my desktop for a couple of months now and don't know why i'm posting it here. to me it represents everything i loved about comics when i was a kid. it prob'ly won't mean the same to you, but i just wanted to put it up here.

and here's a sleestack.

i don't have any tattoos.
a few months ago i met a girl who had several. one, on her right wrist, said "no regrets". i asked her if she wished she hadn't gotten it. she didn't get it. if i ever got a tattoo, that's what i'd get. "no regrets". and then tell everyone that i'd always had second thoughts about it.
or i'd get this one (--which, just to let you know, i have been forbidden to get.)

next week, i will be running brian mulcahy's dump creature inspired perhapanauts script "down in the dumps" in it's (serialized) entirety, because it's just too big to post in the fan art section...and just too good! : )
if you have a story, poem, sketch, pin-up, comic strip, photo, or haiku about one or all of the perhapanauts, please share it!
we're dying to see it and would love to add it to the fan art gallery!

that's it. i got nothing else. and no regrets.
smell ya later!


Brian said...


Thanks for the kind words about "Down in the Dumps" and thanks for posting it on the home of all things Perhapanauts.

Now, back to work as I'm sure there is a great story you need to Tellos.


Anonymous said...

Got some more 'Haps fan art for ya Todd. I'll be posting it probably Monday morn and send ya a link if you feel like checking it out.

Read 'Haps #2..had to go back to #1 and it all made sense... be interesting to see how Big gets that burn on his arm and what does happen to Molly. I know it's still sometime ij the future but I'll stick around for those stories.

Anonymous said...

You know that the DC Banner you published meant the exact same thing to me as it did to you.

I'm so lucky to count you among my closest friends. I miss you, man.