Sunday, December 10, 2006

now we're gettin' somewhere...


first off, much thanks to brian for his wonderful perhapanauts script last week, which was not only entertaining, but gave me some time to stock up on items and bits for upcoming blog entries! thanks, bri!

for example--in the spirit of perhapa-fans sharing some of their own artwork and such--here are two more submissions from our pal, don kelly ( ) ; choopie and big!

if you're cutting these out and mounting them on pasteboard to trade with your friends, these are #s 2 and 3 in the series, with don's beautiful sketch of molly being #1! collect all 12!!

thanks, don! they're wicked cool!

after that...okay, i see LOTS of really cool images on the internet everyday. some come in the form of email, some on sites i've searched, others i've found posted on myspace. some are funny, some are touching, some are old toys or comic books that i saw on ebay...i grab 'em, and leave them on my 'desktop', and clutter the whole screen up and then ask myself, "what the hell am i gonna do with these?!" well, i'm gonna share them. they are some cool pictures and i thought some of you might get the same kick out of them that i did.
so i'm gonna start a new segment called "random picture of the week". you might dig it, you might hate it, you might pass it right by. if you wanna comment on it, go to it. if you have any pictures of your own that you may have come across in your travels and think they might fit the bill, send 'em in.

here's the first

random picture of the week #1

that's it for today. wednesday i'm gonna talk some trivia and about all the useless crap i have in my brain.
smell ya later!

1 comment:

Brian said...

Thanks for the chance to share my little tale.

As for the picture of the day, that's some olive, though, I bet that the martini its headed for is
even more impressive.

My neighbor at work has an image that I think would be perfect for picture of the day. I'll have to scan it and send it in.