Friday, November 02, 2007

bigfoot in pennsylvania


wow. what a halloween.
not only did the big news of the perhapanauts move hit the net on newsaramabut bigfoot decided to make an appearance in the allegheny region of northern pennsylvania--with pictures!
rich woodall hooked me up with the story first (thanks, rich!) and here is the photo and link to the og article on it.
check 'em out!

wildlife experts are saying it's a bear with mange.
i've seen bears. and i've seen animals with mange.
and there is no way it could look like that.
that's a humanoid.
we'll hafta see how this all develops...

next item--have you gone to check out--and sign up on--our new perhapanauts message board over at the image forums? no? well, get to it!

moving on...
this is more of a personal thing, but does anybody remember moooooonths ago i was talking about a blackl;ight spider-man poster that i'd had when i was a kid and couldn't find it on ebay...or anywhere? craig's pal, dana moreshead, even went way out of his way to try to track down any mention of it anywhere on line and, while he did send over some really cool jpegs, my boyhood glowing spidey wasn't in there...
well, a coupl weeks ago, on a whim, as is my way (after YEARS of looking for this elusive slice of sentimentality) i typed in "spider-man poster blacklight"...

...and there was, not just ONE being offered, but TWO of them!

not a sign of it for YEARS...

i bid. i won. it's here on my wall.
and it looks like this.

sorry if its a bit anti-climactic for any of you, but it was that special treasure i'd been looking for for so long and now i have it! also the original had been given to me by my dad (well, santa...) when i first started collecting comics. it isn't something that i really noticed til recently, but my dad has always been a very considerate gift-giver, he really thinks about what matters to that person. nice.

okay, so, before we say adieu for the weekend, allow me to wish my goddaughter, cat, a very happy first birthday (sorry i can't be with you...)

and now, because you've been so good all week,
here are your

"five for friday"

1. name four of the six basic machines

2. what is ben grimm's aunt's name?

3. cohen bros. movie about the guy who invented the hula hoop.

4. willem dafoe and john malkovich starred in this film about the making of 'nosferatu'.

5. name the famous parent of...

a. michael douglas
b. angelina jolie
c. mariska hartigay
d. gwyneth paltrow
e. susan lucci

that's it!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Colin said...

1. name four of the six basic machines Lever, pulley, wheel & axle, wedge, screw

2. Petunia

3. The Hudsucker Project or something like that...

4. Shadow of the Vampire

5. name the famous parent of...

a. Kirk Douglas
b. Jon Voight
c. Jayne Mansfield & Mickey Hargitay
d. Blythe Danner & Bruce Paltrow
e. No idea

Colin said...

I looked up 5e and apparently it's a trick question. Many internet rumors apparently erroneously report Susan Lucci's mother to be Phyllis Diller. I wonder how something like that gets started. Granted when I was a kid I thought Jim Lee was Stan's son, but at least they have the same surname and that was long before I knew what Jim looks like.

Heywood Jablomie said...

That was a really neat story I hope it pans out to more and not get swept under any 'rugs'. I'd like to see what it turns up.

As for the poster, congrats! I know what it's like to be on the hunt for things from our youth. I'm always trying to track stuff down on the 'bay.

As for the 'Five-fer':

1. Pass

2. Petunia

3. The Hudsucker Proxy

4. Shadow of the Vampire

5. a. Kirk Douglas
b. Jon Voight
No idea on the rest!! Have a great weekend y'all!

Scott Weinstein said...

That's great that you finally got the poster. Have you tried it with a black light yet? Do you still have a black light?

Also in cryptid news, that chupacabra they thought they found in Texas. Turns out it was just a hairless coyote.

Have a great weekend.

Brian said...

I've already signed up over at the Image board and I'm looking forward to seeing the promotions and merchandise. Unfortunately, as the 'Haps booth boy, it looks like I wont be able to try any of the contests.

On to the five for Friday

1. Lever, pully, wheel ?, ?

2. Aunt Petunia

3. Tucker

4. Being Nosferatu - (just kidding. I saw it, but cannot remember the name. Good movie though)

5a - Kirk Douglas
5b - Jon Voight
5c - ?
5d - Blythe Danner
5e - ?

Brian said...

Congrats of finding the poster. I did a little looking around myself on the internet when you first mentioned it, but came up with bupkiss.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm gonna go backwards.
I only know Kirk Douglas & Jon Voight (although I think Angelina's Mom was sorta famous as well)
Great Poster. Glad you finally found it.

Bear with mange? I don't think so.
Look at the length of the rear legs (definitely humanoid).
I've seen bears in the Everglades & that ain't one.( yeah, I know 'aint' isn't a word).

Have a great weekend !

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention.

I have not signed up on the Image boards, but I have been lurking about.

Bill Nolan said...

That Big Foot looks pretty much like an orangutan to me... are there any loose in the woods of Pennsylvania?

Unknown said...

Uhmmm, Todd, I think that you may have fallen for an urban legend for the Susan Lucci parent question. I asked my wife, and she didn't know, so I went to look it up, wasn't posting an answer for any though.

Seems the urban legend is that her mom is Phyllis Diller, both deny it and Lucci's parents were a contractor and a nurse.

todd said...

colin and jeff~


i absolutely did fall for it.

i had read it somewhere a few years ago and was intrigued. i'm sure that i read it online and i'm sure that that is NOT the place to get your hard-cold facts.

thanks for the check!

Cooper said...

Mmmmmm...I love mining eBay for nostalgia. I've got an original Baron Karza and a Force Commander sitting on my bookshelf. Not particularly 'cause I need them right now...But I definitely needed them back THEN, and never got 'em...

todd said...

mmmm...baron karza...

i don' think i ever owned a micronauts--but i loved that series seriously!

mmmm...michael golden...

portalcomics said...

without looking at anyone else's answers....

1. lever, pulley, wheel....

2. Aunt Petunia

3. Hudsucker Proxy

4. Shadow of the Vampire...

5. a. Kirk Douglas
b. Jon Voight (remember the Seinfeld when George bought
"John" Voight's LeBaron!!)
c. Jane Mansfield
d. Blythe Danner
e. ????