Monday, November 05, 2007

The PERHAPANAUTS are moving to IMAGE!!


well, i hope everyone had a great weeknd and is ready for a new week despite the fact that you're all still reeling from the cataclysmic news about The PERHAPANAUTS move to IMAGE!!!!

well, WE'RE still reeling...

i can't begin to tell you how thrilled craig and i are to be getting this, dare i say it, second chance at making the perhapanauts a household word! just the publicity from the announcement has brought some really good interest; some nice interviews, some inquiries about the future of the book, and the possibility of some really fun merchandise!

we're gonna do everything we can to get the word out--

--and we need your help!
all of you, you wonderful, loyal perhapa-fans can help! there will be times, here and there, in the upcoming months, when we'll need to really the troops...and you guys are the troops! : )

nothing now--and nothing crazy. but that time will come!
for now you could go over to the new perhapanauts forum at and register so that your voice can be heard over there on that message board. it's really simple to do and it only takes a few seconds.
here's the link:

our good pal, bill nolan, is the moderator, so if you have any questions, check with him. he knows stuff!

as for anything else, well, right now i've gotta get back to work. if you read the newsarama interview, you know that, before we pick things up with our next storyarc, "triangle", craig and i will be doing a one-shot ANNUAL to help new readers get onboard. well, that story has just grown and grown and shifted and changed and i'm really excited about the things that are developing here at BEDLAM--wawit til you SEE!!

anyway, here's a picture of bush eating a kitten.
it was on my pal, cully hamner's myspace page
and i don't know how he did it (or where he
got it...) but i just had to share it!

also, here's a picture of jake with a pencil shaving on his nose...

and a calvin and hobbes that should make you smile...

here are the answers to your
"five for friday"

1. name four of the six basic machines

lever, wheel (and axle), inclined plane (ramp), pulley, wedge, screw.

2. what is ben grimm's aunt's name?


3. cohen bros. movie about the guy who invented the hula hoop.

the hudsucker proxy

4. willem dafoe and john malkovich starred in this film about the making of 'nosferatu'.

shadow of the vampire

5. name the famous parent of...

a. michael douglas.......kirk douglas
b. angelina jolie.......jon voight
c. mariska hartigay.......jayne mansfield
d. gwyneth paltrow.......blythe danner and bruce paltrow
e. susan lucci.......(apparently NOT phyllis diller)

if you read through the comments section, you'll see that colin and jeff pointed out that the whole susan lucci/phyllis diller story is a hoax. and i got burned. sorry all--hope it didn't make ya crazy!)

that's it--i'm out!
smell ya later!

ps: oh, yeah--it seems that alleged "chupacabra" they found in texas a couple of months back turned out to be a hairless coyote instead...
no, duh.


Brian said...

I'd imagine that Bush was really eating something like an ear of corn, but if it meant money for his pals at Haliburton, I have no doubt that the man would, in fact, eat a kitten.

Jake looks great in that photo, but where on earth in this day and age did a writer come up with a pencil shaving?

As for the 'Haps, just tell me the where and the when and I'll show up and sing. Speaking of which, if you have any promotional materials, say some extra Butt Cards, I'd be happy to hand them out in NYC at The National.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Just make the call and we'll heed it Todd!! You know I'm on board for whatever it takes to get the word out. I try to pimp the book to everyone I know as much as I can, especially now that I have the 1-pager and the 'Lost' covers in frames on my wall i get a lot of my comic friends not in the know asking about them so I try to get them to buy the books. So far it's working! I love the Bush picture, that's just classic!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll walk up to people, and repeatedly smack them with the comic until they grabit/readit, or they cry...cuz I feel bad when they cry...all that blubberin'...gets to ya.

Or I can promote in another fashion.

Always options!

BTW...I hear Bush does eat small, live animals every moon cycle...that should be in the book!