Saturday, November 10, 2007

mark and karl and me


it's no secret that mike and i really dug our time on sensational spider-man and dreamed of having the chance to do more with the web-slinger. as mike longed for those days from time to time, i told him that we should do a story that kinda revisits the characters and places we had been in a fun and sometimes funny way. it would feature our favorite guy, the looter, as he unknowingly led spidey to the four corners of the earth in search of, what else...?, the alleged twin to his beloved meteor.

okay, it's true that sometimes friends are so close that they laugh at stuff that other people just scratch their heads at, but we thought that the possibilities were hilarious.

when mike died, marvel editor nate cosby wanted to do something nice as a tribute to mike and contacted mike's fantastic four partners, mark waid and karl kesel to see what they could do. mark and karl felt that i should be involved (thanks, guys!) and, in thinking about what we could do, i pitched 'em this. it didn't take too long for us weave the fantastic four into the mix and it turned into a full-fledged romp, the three of us having a blast with this adventure, one, i can easily say, mike would be thrilled to see finally done!
mike and i called it "LOOTER'S QUEST" and it comes out in an upcoming issue of SPIDER-MAN FAMILY (i don't even know the number right now...) so order this baby up when you see it in your previews!

below is the rockin' cover by karl kesel!
color by paul mounts!

with the announcement of the perhapanauts jump over to image, i've been asked to do quite a few interviews lately--fortunately answering very different questions in each one. i recently did one with sergio lopez for the comic book gazette and here is the link for your kind perusal:

and here are the
answers to your
"five for friday"

1. what famous british televison series featured a younger, less acerbic hugh laurie?

well, I was thinking of "the black adder", but as so many of you pointed out "jeeves and wooster" i would guess that that counts as well.

2. who played cpl. radar o'reilly in the MOVIE version of mash?

gary burghoff--interesting note: one of gary's hands was smaller than the other--not deformed, just smaller--and the actor went to great lengths to minimize that hand's screen time. watch a few episodes and see him constatnly tucking that one hand away. and when you do...drink! : ) hi, bob!

3. what are the six categories in the original trivial pursuit?

art and literature--brown
science and nature--green
sports and leisure--orange

4. how many people have played dr. hannibal lecter?
brian cox
anthony hopkins
gaspard ulliel
aaran thomas

5. name the back-up singers/bands--

a. smokey robinson and

~the miracles

b. gladys knight and

~the pips

c. joan jett and

~the blackhearts

d. tom petty and

~the heartbreakers

e. mike and

~the mechanics

that's it for me!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

Oh man that cover looks great!! I can't wait to get to read this story, it sounds awesome and like it will be tons of fun!! Any word on when it will be coming out at least, if not the issue number?

Anonymous said...

Awesome cover.
Sounds like a cool story.
I like that Marvel thought to do a tribute for Mike.
I'll be looking for the issue.

If you get any updates on the release, please let us know.

Christian D. Leaf said...

I'd say you've got a winner on your hands, Todd. Kudos. Though I still need to get myself aquainted with the Looter, I'm sure I'll be up to snuff by the time this puppy hits the stands.

How's the cold? Over it yet?

Brian said...

Looks like a really fun story Todd and such a fitting tribute to Mike. I'm really glad that Mark and Karl thought to get you involved because . . . well . . .

Mike would have wanted it that way.

The cover is great and Karl's looter really reminds me of Mike's work.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Holy crap Brian you made me damn near spit my iced tea all over my desk with the 'Mike would have wanted it that way'!! I just had flashbacks of the stories from Baltimore-especially the 'Dropping Trou' story!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, coming here gets me pumped about comics again...will be biting at the nails waiting for it...along with some new Perhapanauts goodness!

Matt Wieringo said...

"Dropping Trou"? I missed that one...unless it involves the word "digitally." I heard a rumor the tribute in Baltimore was taped but...was it? If anyone's got a copy, I'd dearly love one.

Yeah, Brian, I thought the same thing about that Looter pic. Maybe it's because Karl inked Mike so many times, but I really felt a little Mike coming through in there.

Leaf, to fully appreciate the Looter stories Todd and Mike did together, check out the early Looter stuff that Ditko did back in the day first. That's when Mike fell in love with the character. He used to have a ton of colored pencil drawings he did when he was little but I haven't found them. I imagine they've been lost.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Todd, for taking the time to do this interview! It was fun! This looks to be a fun issue and I'll definteily be adding it to my pull list! I've always loved the Looter for some reason. By the way, this will be Spider-Man Family #7. It comes out bi-monthly so it should be on sale February 13.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Matt-I believe someone was filming the tribute panel. I took some really crappy pictures of the back of some guys head-I didn't want to be rude and tell him to get the hell outta the way haha! As for the 'Dropping Trou' story-it's something Todd and Craig were sharing with us-if either of you want to elaborate on this go ahead-but it involved them, a grocery store, the aforementioned Dropping of Trou, and the whole 'Mike would have wanted it that way'.

Brian said...

Glad you liked it Heywood as I was thinking only Todd would get it. Sorry about almost destroying your keyboard.

Matt, the Baltimore Panel was filmed as I recall the gentleman standing in the middle aisle with the video camera. I don't know who the guy was and if Todd doesn't know, I'd check with Mark Waid as I think he was involved in organizing the panel.

todd said...

about the baltimore panel...

the guys who taped it asked us to sign waivers so that they could post it on their website-podcast-thing, but i don't think that they got everybody. i think mark and tom left before they could get 'em and so maybe they never did and don't have permission. which is okay...

we had fun, but it swiftly went from tribute to roast and we said some pretty rough things about mike...and ourselves!

although i DO think that mike woulda wanted it that way.

and matt--you KNOW the 'mike woulda wanted it that way' story. your WIFE was there! while you and christian went home in his car, suzanne rode with us. on the way home we thought we'd stop at the store to pick up ice cream (for me!) and cat litter (for charlie). squeeze, craig and i walked into the harris teator at about 11:30 pm, dressed in our dress clothes--your wife in that sleek black dress--and craig made the comment that i should drop my pants and go looking for the ice cream in my boxers--tacking on, for the first time of many--the now classic phrase--"y''s what mike woulda wanted."

portalcomics said...

sounds great Todd!! should be fun to have ya back on Spidey for a bit... you and Mike's run on Sensational was excellent!!