Monday, November 19, 2007

trivia re-dux


short one today--lots to do...!

below are the answers for the "five on friday". as i said in the comments, we had a lot of people who were stumped on almost all of 'em and two people (russ and emilio) who nailed 'em all! oh, and nic came close with four out of the five...
so--did i make them too hard...? is this not fun anymore...? lemme know...
but, if you like a challenge, now that you know the actors for the characters--how about putting the characters with the movies...?
anyone...? anyone...? bueller...?

"five for friday"
i'll name three characters, you name the actor

1. paul vitti, james "jimmy" conway, archibald "harry" tuttle

robert deniro

2. susannah kaysen, annalee call, veronica sawyer

winona ryder

3. charlie allnut, frank mccloud, rick blaine

humphrey bogart

4. jack mosley, harry s. stamper, butch coolidge

bruce willis

5. natalie cook, mary jensen, tina carlyle

cameron diaz

i don't remember if i posted it here or not--and i'm too rushed to go back and check--but for those of you who did not see it, here's the promo piece that craig did to announce our jump to image as well as one of it's earlier incarnations while craig was still playing with the color!
personally, i think they'd both make great t-shirts...

hope ya dig 'em!
gotta run!
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

The one with the white background I would get on a t-shirt, but then the one in orange would be kewl, rough matter what, Craig's work kick-a-many-hi-nee...
Keep the five for Fri going...

Brian said...

I'm all for the five for friday, but just didn't have a lot of time to think on 'em this week as I had to catch a train to NYC for the show.

As for a Perhapanauts t-shirt, while I'd vote for the shot of the team on the back cover of "Second Chances" trade, you cannot go wrong with any of Craig's work

Christian D. Leaf said...

T-shirt for one and poster for the other. You can't go wrong as both bring much rock to the table.

As to the questions, it was Friday after a long, painful week and me brain wasn't functioning properly. I would've had to forget something in order to remember anything. That said, I enjoy the question portion of the week, just not always bringing my A-Game. Keep 'em coming, Todd.

portalcomics said...

OK... I'll give 'er a shot...these are the one's I think I know...

1. Paul Vitti: Analyze This.
Jimmy Conway: Goodfellas (duh?!?!)

2. ??? don't know any of them...but Winnona Ryder is gonna play Spock's Mom in JJ Abrams Star Trek movie....

3. Rick Blaine: Casablanca

4. Harry S. Stamper: Armageddon
Butch Coolidge: Pulp Fiction

5. Natalie Cook: Charlie's Angels
Mary Jensen: There's Something About Mary
Tina Carlyle: The Mask

Heywood Jablomie said...

Ah Craig's work is always a joy to the eyes!! I agree that there should be tees and posters of these, they would totally rock!! As for the Five-for, keep them coming, they make my week, even if I don't know the answers, I still totally look foward to them!!

Anonymous said...

I think I know one!
is the "harry" tuttle character from When Harry met Sally...then again, I could be waaaaay off...think that is the name of the flic with DeNiro playing with Jane Fonda...

portalcomics said...

OK, now that the 5 for Friday is over and the answers are out there, I went to IMDB to fill in the rest... that's legal, right? LOL!!

1. Archibald "Harry' Tuttle: Brazil--I should've know this one because I am a member of a film discussion group and we discussed this film about a month ago...

2. Susannah Kaysen: Girl, Interuppted
Annalee Call: Alien Resurrection--should've known this one as well!!
Veronica Sawyer: Heathers

3. Charlie Allnut: The African Queen
Frank McCloud: Key Largo--Great Song! LOL!

4. Jack Mosley: 16 Blocks--didn't see that movie, but I'm a big Mos Def fan!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I was waaaaay off. Never saw Brazil...

Anonymous said...

Tell me where to order the t-shirt
I'll take 1 of each.
Did I mention the lost covers silhouette is my desktop wallpaper?

Keep the 5er going. you stump me quite a bit.

1. P Vitti - Analyze This (and That)
J Conway - Goodfellas
2. S Kaysen - Girl Interrupted
3. F McCloud - Key Largo
R Blaine - Casablanca
4. H S Stamper - Armaggedon
B Coolidge - Pulp Fiction
5. T Carlyle - Mask ( WOW ! ! )

Jadielady said...

I like the 5 for Friday... I'm good with actor names, but not so hot with characters.
So... its handy at work when one of my friends says "Oh, what's that guy that was in that movie with that blond girl who did that thing."
:) I also think those images would be awesome on t-shirts. If you decide to do it let us know!

renecarol said...

I do that too.. I remember what is a movie is about that I want to watch but not the name. Like 'whats that movie where the vampires are a kind a super-race and they are the protectors over people. Then one of the vampires starts killing people so the people turn on the vampires. And there's a baby vampire born at the end.' A lot of times though I'll just end up putting dvds in and I'll be like that's not what I wanted to watch.

Heywood Jablomie said...


Now you got my brain hurting, were you referencing an actual movie there, cuz I swear I know it!! haha...There was this one with Adrian Paul, the Highlander guy, that sounds just like what you described!!

Heywood Jablomie said...
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renecarol said...

Yes it is a real movie. I'll guess I'll let you think on it. I watched about 4 dvds before I found the right one. It really happens to me a lot that I see scenes from a movie in my head. But I can't remember what the movie is. Or who the actors were.

Heywood Jablomie said...


The one I'm thinking of is called The Breed, and it sounds a lot like the one you were describing. There was I think a black cop that was working with the vampire to figure out what was going on or something? Gee that's not very vague is it?? haha

renecarol said...

it does sound similar. I'm not sure if I've seen the Breed or not. I'll have to check it out.
This is the one I was thinking of: