Wednesday, November 28, 2007



craig beat me to the "whaddaya think of the new TV season" topic over on the perhapanauts forum/message boards, (you saw it, right? you HAVE been checking out the forum, right? okay, here's the link again...


and then scott made my world a little darker with the news that nbc is scrapping "journeyman" due to the double-punch of the writer's strike and growing-too-slowly viewership (a statistic that has yet to take into account the advent of tivo and dvr...). i just wanna say; nbc--don't make this mistake! "journeyman" is one of the most compelling, tightly-written, and intelligent shows on TV right now, don't make it another wonderfalls or firefly.

i said over on the boards that instead we would talk about monsters and when i say "talk" i mean "talk"...

in the perhapanauts, i'm always trying to draw on the creatures and phenomena that have allegedly happened here in the real world, culling cryptids and strange entities from the accounts of normal everyday people just like you and me, or from the legends and folklore of various cultures the world over.

but what do you call a monster?

you...i'm asking YOU.

to me, monsters fall into any of an assortment of categories; monster as in size, like king kong and godzilla, monster as in horrific, like a strange freakish mutation or frankenstein's monster, or a monster meaning a man whose mind is twisted with terrific, aberrant thoughts.

when a monster is chasing me in my dreams, it is usually of the horrific, mutated kind, something full of teeth and claws and hungry to tear me apart just because i'm there.

what are your monsters? what scares you and hunts you in your dreams?

lemme know.
smell ya later!


Brian said...

For me it will always be the Universal Classic Monsters: Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, the Mummy and the Wolfman.

Christian D. Leaf said...

I'll write my monster post later, but just had to comment real quick on the Gossamer pic:

The wife and I got somehow got on the subject of Gossamer last month. Turns out she had a stuffed toy and loved the character. I was shocked that she even know the character as comics and cartoons weren't her thing as a kid. (I get blank looks galore when referencing most things of those nature.) Then I got pissed that my parents didn't buy me one as a kid. Now I need to find one for our little girl.

Anonymous said...

Well, That sucks. I really like Journeyman.

All things that go BUMP in the night scare me. The more realistic the scarier.
Luckily, I haven't had anything hunt me in my dreams lately.

Of course, I wouldn't go to the beach for months right after I saw JAWS.

I remember watching "The Nightstalker" Movie (before the series came out) when I was a little kid and then being too scared to go to my room because I had to walk by some windows and the curtains weren't drawn.

Anyway, I don't know if you caught it but I mentioned "Monster Quest" on History Channel a couple posts ago.
They're doing some documentary type stuff on all those things folks have reported seeing.
Hope you get a chance to watch it.


Heywood Jablomie said...

I'll post about the monsters later as well, just wanted to tell Leaf that there's a ton of Gossamer stuff on ebay. Some plushes and other itmes galore!

todd said...


emilio, i thought i'd responded to your post about that; i've been watching all of the monster quest series on the history channel (also got sucked into HOURS worth of kennedy conspiracy and ufo docs the other day...) i dig that they really seem to be covering all the bases with these and am hoping that they go beyond the "household" names in cryptozoology--bigfoot, loch ness monster--and get into some of the lesser known and even obscure cryptids.
thanks for the 411!

Anonymous said...

I think networks are beginning to take into account dvr/download statistics as indicators of a show's popularity. I read somewhere yesterday that Gossip Girl was only getting "ok" ratings, but once they looked at how many people recorded it and watched it within one week, the "ok" numbers looked better. And it is also the top download on iTunes or something like that. That info led to it being picked up for the full season. So it's happening. I guess Journeyman just wasn't brining in the viewers...
...also Tivo and DVR are the same invention.

renecarol said...

Do our cable companies really keep up with everything that we watch like that? I don't think I like that idea.. sort of like the government spying on us.

I don't really dream so much. Occasionally I have some WEIRD dreams that leave me wondering WHAT my subconscious is trying to tell me. But I don't really dream about scary monsters.

Jadielady said...

I'm sorry if they're cancelling Journeyman, but as long as they don't take my Chuck and Heroes I'm happy.
On to the monsters... I don't watch many scary movies, so when I think of monsters its mostly the human beings doing awful things kind.
'Cause they actually exist.
Besides, Vampires are hot :P

Colin said...

This post gets an A+ for including a pic from one of my all time favorite movies Monster Squad!!

"Wolfman's got nards!!"

Matt Wieringo said...

Colin, I witcha, my brother. MONSTER SQUAD is in my all-time top ten.

I hope they DO keep up with what I'm watching through my DVR box. I've always wanted to be a Nielsen household because all the shows I like always get cancelled. This way, I feel like I at least have a voice. Spy away, I say.

I would have to say that being a monster is more about your attitude than your appearance. Hitler could be called a monster and, though he was pretty damned ugly, he wasn't monstrous in appearance, mustache or not. But though the "Elephant Man" had a freakish, startling appearance he was by no means a monster. All that said, when someone says the word "monster" something very similar to that still from MONSTER SQUAD pops into my head.

Heywood Jablomie said...

My job hunts me in my dreams haha! And I had an ex I would classify as a monster! But in all seriousness, the more 'popular' monsters don't really get me crawling, IE Dracula/vampires, werewolves, etc. What really gets me are the ones that really get into your head. Most of the things HP Lovecraft writes about really gets me running for the artillery, but the one 'monster' that ALWAYS got to me was Pinhead from Hellraiser, not THAT is a monster!! I actually got to meet the actor who played him a couple of years ago and he was the coolest, most gracious person to talk to, so not like his character. And there's a character in the Silent Hill gmaes and movie called Pyramid Head, and he really scares the bejeezus outta me!!

Christian D. Leaf said...

Nowadays monsters to me are the human ones. Guess it’s the whole fatherhood thing, but thinking about someone doing something horrible to my daughter keeps me up at night. Doesn’t help that I have a macarbe imagination to begin with. Zombies, werewolves and their ilk don’t frighten me as I can see what they are and avoid them (or kick them in the nards), but it’s not so easy to pick out society’s monsters.

Before becoming a dad I’d say that ghosts frightened me the most. Things I couldn’t see, but could strike at any moment. Used to have crazy dreams about ‘em. One that sticks out is that I was showering when suddenly the lights go out. Something starts clomping about, but I can’t see anything through the clear shower curtain. I’m freaking out, wanting to wake up when—BAM!—something invisible is smothering me with the shower curtain. Woke up screaming. My neighbors must’ve thought I was a freak as I would do this with some frequency.

The Blair Witch freaked me out, too. Couldn’t sleep for a week.

Anonymous said...

Monsters to me is the evil in everything. Anyone can be one, anything can cause it to come about; A sickness to the good of all.

I was away doing crap for the Navy when Blair Witch came out...the whole ordeal. My sis wrote me about it, but I couldn't wrap the focus of what she was saying...I know it freaked her out, and a bunch of people back in the when I saw it on tape when I finally rotated back to the states, it had alot of luster gone...wish I was here for the hype of it....

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