Thursday, November 15, 2007



we've talked before about strange creatures from the deepest depths of the ocean and how new species are being discovered everyday (usually in the insect world and usually the newbies are almost too tiny to see...!) but it's happening. and it gives a certain hope or validity to those of us who hold with the idea that there are things out there that we have yet to see, yet to capture. (i don't use this arguement very much myself, i just WANT to believe.)

its amazing what we don't know.

so its funny to me how much we don't know about what we DO know...

the other day i found the picture below posted on yahoo.
now, i had thought that i was fairy well-versed regarding all the creatures in the animal kingdom...
but i have never seen or heard of this thing before!
have you!
i mean, if i saw this thing lumbering through the woods or down a path toward me, i would definitely think that it was some kinda cryptid!
that's amazing!

apparently, it is a malayan pangolin and it's being busted for smuggling in this picture.
or something.

and, in lieu of a "random picture of the week", here's what i'd like to call
"classic cover corner"!

"five for friday"
i'll name three characters, you name the actor

1. paul vitti, james "jimmy" conway, archibald "harry" tuttle

2. susannah kaysen, annalee call, veronica sawyer

3. charlie allnut, frank mccloud, rick blaine

4. jack mosley, harry s. stamper, butch coolidge

5. natalie cook, mary jensen, tina carlyle

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hmmm, I'd expect something that looked like that to have fur rather than scales. Interesting.

As for the Five for Friday, I got nothing.

The cover of the week, however, is classic Neal Adams, who I will be seeing later today at The National in NYC.

Hope the nice folks in New York don't mind my Red Sox hat, sweat shirt, jacket and sneakers.

Adam Hutch said...

I got nothing for Five for Friday, nuthin.

That's a great cover. Is it from the first Silver Age appearance of Earth-2 Superman?

Brian, The National's a good show, and they've got a great guest list this year. I haven't been since 2005 are they still holding it in the Penn Plaza Pavilion?

Russ Burlingame said...

Five for Friday:
1. Robert DeNiro
2. Winona Ryder
3. Humphrey Bogart
4. Bruce Willis
5. Cameron Diaz

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. Never heard of one of those. Almost looks like some cousin to an Armadillo.

for the 5 er

1. Robert Deniro
2. Winona Ryder ?
3. Bogey
4. Bruce Willis
5. Cameron Diaz?

Christian D. Leaf said...

The Pangolin is slick looking—part insect, part armadillo. Crazy thing should have antennae. Probably freak the eff outta me if I ever ran across one in a dark alley.

The questions are beyond me today. I wave the white flag.

Matt Wieringo said...

I only knew DeNiro. I thought I was good at this. Jeez.

That is indeed a freaky creature. I once found a weird insectoid creature with arms and a head that looked almost humanoid and that didn't look like they belonged on a bug of ANY kind. It was about three inches long and was in the beer cooler at the grocery store where I worked. I took the (dead) bug into school to show my science teacher and he had no idea what the hell it was.

todd said...

i tried to make the five a bit tougher this week, and mosta you guys bailed-- while russ and emilio nailed 'em all! you guys didn't ibdm, didja?

adam--i think it IS the first earth-2 superman--and a beautiful adams cover as well!


two. words.

tiny. alien.

also, the beer cooler...?
how much did you drink before you found it...?

: )

portalcomics said...

here we go...

1. Robert DiNero (easy one!)
2. ???
3. Bogart, I think... isn't Rick Blaine from Casablanca???
4. Bruce Willis (another easy one!)
5. Cameron Diaz... I think Natalie Wood was her Charlie's Angels character...

portalcomics said...

btw Todd...

thanks again for the words of wisdom yesterday!!


renecarol said...

I was thinking it does look like something I've seen before. It looks like an ant-eater. And then I looked it up and wikipedia says "Pangolins (pronounced /ˈpæŋgəlɪn/) or scaly anteaters"

Russ Burlingame said...

Nope, no IMDb. I just got really lucky. I managed one of the best video stores in the country (Emerald City Video in Syracuse, NY) for a couple of years, and the one that I perceived as hardest--Bogey?--that one I just flat-out lucked into because I re-watched "African Queen" for the first time in five years or so last week!

todd said...


yeah, i watched african queen last week too!
that's actually what prompted this week's trivia!


Heywood Jablomie said...

Wow that is one hell of an animal/creature/um thing? haha....I agree with Rene that it did look like an anteater somewhat to me too. That cover is killer, I actually got to meet Neal and his son Spider at a con a couple of years ago. We had a long chat about the Nasonex commercials and the mysterious voice behind the bee. He let me in on some secrets and they were really funny. He's not really supposed to say who the bee actually is. If he sounds familiar then that is who he is, that's all I can say haha. As for the clue here!!!!

Anonymous said...

I kinda used the 2 outa 3 rule on the guys.
The 2 ladies I wasn't too sure about. I thought that Susannah Kaysen was from 'Girl Interrupted' and who could forget Tina Carlyle in 'Mask'. ;p