Friday, January 04, 2008

4 monday

(SPOILER!! the following contains two unfinished pages of artwork from the upcoming already-classic blockbuster, PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL #1. they contain no real infiormation or details that might give the story away, but if you're one of those people that would rather not see--and i respect that a lot--then please go no farther. just thought i'd letcha know.)


lots of work to do and i have absolutely no time, but...

you have probably already seen the final version of the cover to PERHAPANAUTS #1 over on craig's blog, and if you haven't--WHY NOT?! you do check out craig's blog now and then, don't you? anyway, if you haven't head on over there and check out the gorgeous hues the boy laid down on it. here's the link (if it'll link...)

if not, please cut and paste this

so with that said, i wouldn't want to overlook the third member of our perhapa-team, the lovely and talented, rico renzi, and tell you once again about the awesome job he's doing with the colors on the book! i'm just blown away whenever he sends 'em over and i wanted to share something with you.

as you may or may not know, doing the colors on the computer involves using various levels and channels and stuff i still don't understand. first you have to lay down the flats and then, choose the right palette, and then hone and tweak what you have to make the magic that rico creates.

and rico is VERY creative!

so when these two pages came in, i thought it was rico taking some artistic license and i dug them so much that it wasn't until later that craig told me, no, that one of the channels wasn't locked in and those weren't the final colors. in these, you can already see the amount of work that rico had put into them, the wonderful choices and the rich textures. again, they're not the final, and rico might get down on me for posting them, but i really loved them so much that i thought i ought to post them.

oh, and i guess they give a little look at what the team will be up to in the annual...

so there ya go.
i gotta get back to work.

here are the answers to the special double-sized
"five for friday"

1. sergeant, doctor, mill


2. america, kangaroo, caveman


3. trap, place, escape


4. breakfast, boys, golf


5. piano, house, skate


6. track, medical, criminal


7. jazz, diet, clear


8. churchill, hugh, syndrome


9. devil, bike, nap


10. egg, chicken, tuna


smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Can't begin to say how much we're looking forward to the Annual and this adds even moreso to the anticipation. You've got a junkyard, a spaceship and then some lady beating a big ol' willy with a broom. Oh. Heck. Yeah.

Is there a particular reason for the pastel palette, Todd? (Read: some dimensional thing.) Or do we have to wait to find out? Regardless, excellent work by Rico. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the peek.
If it isn't said enough, Thanks

The books aren't the same without color.
Don't get me wrong, Craig's work kicks, but I enjoy reading a colored comic book.
I also think the wrong colors can hurt a page, so keep up the great work. You're doin' an awesome job.

Looks like you nailed that 1st answer (Pepper).

Brian said...

Hey, where there is a dump, there has to be a dump monster.

I "freakin'" love it and will be very interested to see your take on the creature.

todd said...


no, that's not the finished art; that's the pages but with one of the channels of the color (key? program?) missing. just thought you'd wanna see it.
i guess i oughta post the finished pages on wednesday or friday so you can see rico's work in all it's glorious completeness.

Scott Weinstein said...

That looks great. If you can, you should post the different channels, it's really interesting to see how Rico builds color.

Oh and the pictures are realy pretty too. As usual. Good work guys.

Heywood Jablomie said...


You suck! How dare you taunt us so?! hahahahaha Man those pages are wicked cool looking, even if they're not finished, being used, etc. I think I'm going to have to go into cryo-freeze until the day the series kicks back in cuz I can't wait!

Anonymous said...


Man...lucky you to be working with those guys!

Cannot wait...but I'm gonna have to...gosh darnit!

renecarol said...

Wow I agree - I think it looks great colored as is.

Matt Wieringo said...

Yeah, the colors were kind of cool like that. In an attempt at humor, I was going to say it looked like one of the channels was turned off--ha ha ha--but decided it was insulting. And now you tell us that was the case.

I have to say that a lot of times computer colors come out way too dark on the printed page but that's never the case with Rico's stuff. His colors look beautiful in print. Great stuff. Craig too.

Adam Hutch said...

Looks great! Cannot wait for the Annual!

Brian said...

I think it helps that Rico is in the printing business as well so he has first hand knowledge of what the computer colors will look like when they roll off the "press."