Wednesday, January 30, 2008

not much.


matt sent me this and it's very funny, very cute, and i hope i'm not stealing something that he was planning on posting on his blog...

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he also sent me this (can you tell that i really don't have much to say today...?)

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while not a serious football fan (like craig, brian, and bill), and certainly not a fan of hitler (though having painted a few homes myself, i must say that his earlier work was competent if not imaginative), throw a couple of ideas together and hilarity ensues.

and, when i posted quotes last week, i looked and looked for this one, but couldn't find it anywhere. so here it is now. one of my favorites.

"archie, it has always been a pet contention of mine that people are crazier than anybody!"
archie's pals and gals #11
winter 59-60

also, HEY!

check out the really nice (advance) review we got for the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL #1 from calvin over at comicgeeknews

"random picture"

smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

What is it? "she's got betty davis eyes".

Jughead is king. (obvious by the crown)

Great review from the comicgeeknews.
So when does it ship already?
I'm waiting for the 2 cover set from Westfield. :o)

Brian said...

I got a couple of good laughs from the Cowboy fan video, but it probably goes a bit too long.

Nice review for the 'Haps and it is the thing I am looking most forward to in February after Valentine's Day with my sweetie and, fingers crossed, a Patriots Victory in the Super Bowl.

Scott Weinstein said...

That Hitler thing is hillarious. I love his rant against Jessica Simpson.