Monday, January 14, 2008

this is the week...!


well, according to previews and my local comic shop owner, this is the week that EVERYBODY should be ordering their own personal copy of the first issue of the all-new, NOW MONTHLY!!!, on-going PERHAPANAUTS!!

this is issue 1, folks, and the numbers just go up from there...!

we've got lotsa cool things planned for your favorite team of less-than-normal paranormal investigators and, like the annual, this issue, is going to be the perfect jumping on point for anyone new to the whole PERHAPANAUT experience!

and they make great gifts!

you can find it in the IMAGE section of your previews catalogue or just tell YOUR local comic shop owner that you need you some PERHAPANAUTS!

cover by the lovely and talented craig rousseau!

there will also be an alternate cover by comics legend, ART ADAMS!

busy man that he is, art hasn't had a chance to finish the snazzy cover yet, but we'll post it here when its done!
in the meantime, here's the awesome TELLOS cover that art did for mike and i a few years back to get ya in the mood...!

sweet, right?

and we've got lots of things in store for the PERHAPANAUTS outside the monthly book including an all-new professionally designed website and PERHAPANAUTS merchandise in the works! you keep coming back to the blog and we'll keep you posted!

other than you'd better go and order your PERHAPANUTS #1, i also wanna send ya over to matt's blog (
to check out the cool horror trailers he found on youtube (and somehow has mastered the technology to actually post them on his blog...) (not me. i'm an idiot.) the second two are really creepy. but the first clip he's got is not really scary at all. (although it was to a five year old matt wieringo! ) i can see it. that could be scary...
to me though, actually choked me up. i remember watching the movie of the week and the graphics and that voice over and that quality of the film that was just so...seventies!...that clip overwhelmed me with such a feeling of nostalgia that i got sad longing for that time, when i was a kid and it was a treat to get to stay up to watch the whole movie!

thanks, matt!
you got me.

still rushing around.
more on wednesday!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

Mmmmmmm......Art.....Adams.....ok I'm drooling now gotta stop. For serious, I can't wait to see his cover! His work on the Alpha Flight/X-men crossover was one of my fave pieces of comic art ever done when I was younger. And he still continues to crank out the same quality work to this day.

I frequent Matt's page a lot and I still have yet to watch the videos, I got to read the post though!

Christian D. Leaf said...

You should've titled this post "I hope you like cream in your jeans." Art Adams doing a cover? Oh. Hells. Yeah. That TELLOS over is be-yoot-ah-full, so's I can only imagine what he'll serve up for the 'Haps.

Anonymous said...


(as that big old Kool-aid pitcher would say as he crashed through a wall)

Anonymous said...

I tell you what...BEYOND THE DOOR's trailer was a bit creepy, I didn't expect her voice to do that...reminded me of Evil Dead...

I love youtube for nostalgia...I just type in 80's commercials, and they bring me back to those simpler times...if time travel ever becomes possible...

Brian said...

Already on my pull list big guy and, again, dibs on the Adams, cover. Just give me time to get that kidney on the black market and I'll be all set.

alison said...

The ARTwork is gorgeous!

Our LOCAL comic shop - ooh, you funny joke man. Really, I've been wondering, though, since we have 'haps in Spanish - what kind of promo do you have down here? I would think that it would be a hit - having Choopie and all...

Cooper said...

A year or so ago I found a web site that totally blew my mind. For years and years, I would occasionally bring up these two movies that nobody else had ever seen, but I remembered vividly, to the point I thought they were the products of my childhood imagination.
Now, I know that I was talking about an episode of a TV show, THE WORLD BEYOND, called, "The Mud Monster." The other fever dream was a movie called THE BERMUDA DEPTHS.
I'd get into conversations about these movies and they'd all end with something like, "Wait...A giant turtle swims away with Apollo Creed? Clearly, you were dreaming."
So here's a web site...

...where you can literally see the chunk of TV guide where these 2 movies played back-to-back. Now I know what 6-year old me was was doing on Friday, January 27th, 1978.

There's also a web site (can't find it in my bookmarks) where you can sign a petition to get BERMUDA DEPTHS on DVD, and write a "testimonial" about how the film haunted the crap out of your childhood.

You can also find the movie diced up on YouTube now. And, yeah, it's not what it was back in 1978.

And to combine the mcgill and mafus entries...I've been on YouTube just surfing for the various channel's movie-of-the-week themes (not to run screaming, though, just for the nostalgia).

Oh...And, I don't need to run to order the new PERHAPANAUTS, cause it's never left my pull list. *grin*

Christian D. Leaf said...

That's what that movie was called. BERMUDA DEPTHS. Damn. I remember watching it as a kid and somehow over the years I came to believe that it was DR. MOREAU. That image of the giant turtle swimming away with Apollo Creed always stuck out though as not MOREAU. Used to drive me crazy. Thanks for the clarification, Cooper.

todd said...

actually, cooper--
your world beyond and bermuda depths don't look like they were on back to back but AT THE SAME TIME!!!!
that musta been a LOT of channel changing, especially back then, before remotes!!!
both movies look AWESOME and i, for one, would love to see 'em both on dvd!!

todd said...

and did anybody already comment on the fact that the bermuda depths was a rankin/bass production?

todd said...

and burl ives is in it!!! does he sing holly jolly christmas?

Cooper said...

Hmmm...If Burl Ives was busting out some "Silver and Gold" I would have DEFINITELY chalked the thing up to a fever dream. *laugh*
I also recently found two other older movies that freaked me out as a young 'un. One is THE FLESH EATERS. The other is LEMORA: A CHILD'S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL. This one gave me nightmares that my Mom was a vampiress back in the day.
And of course...There's TRILOGY OF TERROR. That Zuni fetish doll still scares the living $(%(*! out of me.