Monday, January 21, 2008

goin' to the movies...


matt and i went to see cloverfield the other night.
oh, not together.
we live hundreds of miles apart.

mike and i did that from time to time. chattin' on the phone, eagerly anticipating a movie, no one to go with, bummed that we lived so far away from each other...
so we'd head out, see it alone, and then come back home and call each other. usually we had pretty much the same experience and similar reactions, but it was also a lot more fun--and funnier--when one of us had liked it (usually him) and the other not so much (usually me).
we saw the first two spider-mans this way and the hulk, the incredibles and a few others.

i saw cloverfield with sharon. matt saw it with suzanne and paul and laura.

matt and i thought it was great. i won't say anymore.
but try to catch this in the theater--the sound plays a really big part that you won't get at home.

matt, we gotta start going to the movies together.

in other perhapa-news; i mentioned last week that, in addition to the annual and the new series, we were looking into some other perhapanaut shwag and, especially, a newly designed website. well, i don't have the exact launch date yet, but i can tell you that craig's pal, kieran chapman, web designer extraordinaire and all-around awesome guy, has been working hard on something really, really special, with lotsa fun and surprises built in! stay tuned as we get closer and's gonna be sweet!

and here are
the answers to the

"five for friday"

1. what british unit of measurement is equal to 14 pounds?


2. what band had hits with albums titled monster, reckoning, and fables of the reconstruction?


3. ganymede and europa are moons of what planet?


4. knife wielding housewife...?

lorena bobbit

5. famous parents, sibs, sons or daughters--


a. jamie lee curtis' father--tony curtis

b. vic morrow's daughter--jennifer jason leigh

c. jon voight's daughter--angelina jolie

d. warren beatty's sister--shirley maclaine

e. jamie lee curtis' mother--janet leigh

f. emilio estevez's father--martin sheen

g. tommy smothers' brother--dick smothers

h. nicholas cage's cousin--sophia coppola

i. jamie lee curtis' husband--christopher guest

j. candace bergen's two "uncles"--charlie mccarthy and mortimer snerd
(edgar bergen was candace's dad, charlie and mortimer his two most famous dummies. charlie now resides in the smithsonian institute. what always got me about edgar bergen was that he was a famous ventriloquist...on the radio!!!)

gotta fly!
smell ya later!


Matt Wieringo said...

I agree we need to see movies together. But who's Laura? :)

todd said...


man, i musta read suzanne and paul and read suzanne and paul and laura, thinking that you went with paul, what an idiot. sorry. my bad.

renecarol said...

I rarely ever see anything in the theater unless I can take my daughter with me. Like I said before she is scared of everything. I have to wait for dvd for most stuff. Unless I really, really want to see something and take the day off while she is in school. Cloverfield does look good but I don't think I'll get to see it anytime soon.

Christian D. Leaf said...

As to the Perhapanauts schwag...tell me you're selling Choopie boxers with a butt flap. They'd sell like hotcakes, believe you me.

Matt didn't tell you? I'm Laura now. The operation was a success.

Anonymous said...

For some wierd reason that I do not recall, I had asked for a Charlie McCarthy doll from the Sears christmas catalog. But at that age, I asked for alot of stuff out of that catalog...I got him...he was cool beans until POLTERGEIST entered my life....poor Charlie was never seen from again.
Gonna really, really try to see Cloverfield soon!
This weekend I might not make it, but that following week I will find the will/way...

Cooper said...

CLOVERFIELD. Seen it twice (it's easy when you work there).

Definitely don't want to spoil/influence anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but let's just say that the flick made this past weekend REEEALLLLLY interesting...

Brian said...

Saw Cloverfield on Saturday and loved it.

The only thing I'll say detail wise is that the entire film is done a la "Blair Witch" with the "shakey cam," so if that gives you headaches or annoys you beyond belief, this isn't the movie for you.

Matt Wieringo said...

The camera work got on my nerves the first few minutes but I got used to it. Especially once the "hollerin'" started.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing what kind of Perhapa-shwag you guys will come up with.

Gotta say,"Leaf, you are a nut!"
(or should I call you Laura). You had me laughing so hard, I almost had coffee coming out of my nose.
(Choopie boxers w/flap??)!!!!

Didn't get to Cloverfield this past weekend, but will be going the coming weekend.

I went on a Skunk ape expedition, instead. I'll email you some details in a couple of days.