Thursday, January 03, 2008

googling choopie and ten for friday


not much to report today--craig and rico and i are in the final stages of getting the PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL done and to the printer. i don't think i've said this, but craig is doing an incredible job--especially since i (we) decided to change tracks once into the annual.
see, originally, before we were definitely signed on to move to image, we were intending this annual as a giant sized one shot story that would wrap up the hanging plotlines from the second chances storyline. (if you'll recall, karl had just taken the 'haps to the par-ha, the nexus of all time and space, the team had just returned the dover demon to the sludge pit from whence he came, having discovered that he truly was the last survivor of his race, a horde of gremlins had infiltrated BEDLAM, and a couple of cops showed up with an arrest warrant for arisa.)

craig had already gotten into seven or eight pages of this when image called and gave us the go. at that moment, we realized that we had an opportunity to introduce a lot of new people to the perhpanauts and tell a thrilling stand alone epic story that would, hopefully, make them come back for more.

so we (i) went back to the drawing board.
well, actually, i went back to my computer and craig went back to the drawing board, starting from scratch with the deadline already fast approaching. what he's sent me, under such incredible pressure, is just gold! i really think that the annual is gonna do just what we'd hoped--work as a nice introduction to the team and the characters and introduce a new nightmare--the JERSEY DEVIL!--a much more brutal beast than anything the 'haps have faced before!

we'll be posting preview pages soon!


the other night, while waiting for a cd to burn for my brother, i casually googled one of my favorite words and then hit "images". these are some of what i got back.



you've waded through alla that...

and now a double-sized
"five for friday"

each group of three words has a word in common.
you've got to find it.
(ie: mail, toy, shoe = box mailbox, toybox, shoebox)
get it?

1. sergeant, doctor, mill

2. america, kangaroo, caveman

3. trap, place, escape

4. breakfast, boys, golf

5. piano, house, skate

6. track, medical, criminal

7. jazz, diet, clear

8. churchill, hugh, syndrome

9. devil, bike, nap

10. egg, chicken, tuna

okay--i gotta get to work!
have a great weekend!
smell ya l8r!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Excellent news, Todd. Very much looking forward to the new 'Haps. Is the street date of Feb. 6th still the same as the web banner sez on Newsarama?

Speaking of Choopie...Occasional Superheroine had a quote about Paris Hilton being America's Chupacabra. Found that rather insulting to our favorite 'Naut.

As to the 10:

1. Rock
2. Captain
3. Ment
4. Club
5. Key
6. Career
7. Pepsi
8. Winston
9. Dirt
10. Salad

Anonymous said...

Hot Damn!
Way to go Craig!
I can hardly wait for that annual.

Are you still going to wrap up the hanging plotlines?

The photo is pretty creepy. Looks like one of those automatic cameras that are put up to get wildlife pics when something goes by.

Well, Here's my shot at the 5er double edition.
2. captain
4. club
5. key
10. salad

Ok, Looks like Leaf may have got 'em all.


Heywood Jablomie said...

I'm chomping at the bit for more 'Haps here! Every time you post more stuff, the more I wish it were Feb. already!!

As for the Choopie stuff.....hmmmm. I think my fave of the pics is the one with the deer being chased. Only thing is it's hard to tell if it's for serious though. The thing that always pushes for me to believe in matters such as this is that throughout all the different sightings and images, there's always some common element in them that makes it plausible that they exist.

For the Trivia, I did better than I thought I would!
1. sergeant, doctor, mill-No clue
2. america, kangaroo, caveman-Captain
3. trap, place, escape-errr
4. breakfast, boys, golf -Club
5. piano, house, skate-Key
6. track, medical, criminal-Record
7. jazz, diet, clear-argh!
8. churchill, hugh, syndrome-Downs
9. devil, bike, nap-Dirt
10. egg, chicken, tuna-Salad

Adam Hutch said...

So was the Annual going to originally come out through Dark Horse? I let a friend of mine borrow my Perhapanauts trade to fill his spare time between grad classes. Trying to open up a new reader for ya.

Here's my shot at Giant-Sized 5 for Friday #1:
2. Captain
4. Club
5. Key
6. Record
8. Winston
9. Dirt
10. Salad

Matt Wieringo said...

This is all I could come up with:

1. sergeant, doctor, mill = PEPPER

2. america, kangaroo, caveman = CAPTAIN

3. trap, place, escape = no idea

4. breakfast, boys, golf = CLUB

5. piano, house, skate = KEY

6. track, medical, criminal = no idea

7. jazz, diet, clear = no idea

8. churchill, hugh, syndrome = DOWNS

9. devil, bike, nap = DIRT

10. egg, chicken, tuna = SALAD

Love that photo. That goat's in some kind of trouble. Any plans on releasing those pages that were redone? Sort of a "deleted scenes" kind of thing?

portalcomics said...

well alright! first 5FF of 2008 and it's a bonus 10FF!!! I didn't get 'em all but here goes...

1. ???
2. Captain (America, Kangaroo, Caveman)
3. ???
4. Club (Breakfast, Boys, Golf)
5. Key (Piano, House, Skate)
6. Record (Track, Medical, Criminal)
7. Pepsi (Jazz, Diet, Clear)
8. Downs (Churchill, Hugh, Syndrome)
9. Dirt (Devil, Bike, Nap)
10. Salad (Egg, Chicken, Tuna)

and on a personal note... Happy Birthday to my son Ben who is 7 today!!

portalcomics said...


Sergant, Doctor, Mill = Pepper!!!!

todd said...

our pal, kc carlson logged in with these...
Okay, I think I got nine of em...

2. captain
3. fire
4. club
5. key
6. record
7. Pepsi
8. downs
9. dirt
10. salad

I think 1. is either rock or stone but neither one really makes sense
to me. So it's probably purple.

9. took forever because brain got stuck on Kill Devil Hills and
wouldn't get off.

got the rest in about 2-3 minutes.

Good quiz! 7. made me laugh!

Also, I think chicken comes before egg in 10. ; )


todd said...

as for the questions--

yes, emilio--the new series will pick right up where we left off with lots of notes so that new readers can catch up with us! it's gonna be fun!

yes, adam--we originally hoped that the annual would come out through dark horse, but they weren't too excited about it.
when image got involved, they got VERY excited about it and craig and i felt that we needed it to be a bigger, better story than originally planned.

and matt, first off congratulations on getting that first one--it didn't look like anybody was gonna get that! and yeah, we have both--the pages will be used for issue 1 of the new perhapanauts, and we're gonna have some "deleted scenes" as back ups in the new series as well!

Walt said...

2. Captain
4. club
5. key
6. record
7. pepsi
8. downs
9. dirt

Jadielady said...

*tries not to look at the answers on the left side*
1. House?
2. Captain!
3. Fire
4 & 5 have me stumped...
6 is record
7 is definiely pepsi...
8. *boggle*
9 *boggle*
10. is Salad!

Colin said...

1. sergeant, doctor, mill slaughter

2. america, kangaroo, caveman captain

3. trap, place, escape fire

4. breakfast, boys, golf club

5. piano, house, skate key

6. track, medical, criminal record

7. jazz, diet, clear pepsi

8. churchill, hugh, syndrome downs

9. devil, bike, nap dirt

10. egg, chicken, tuna salad

Brian said...

Looking forward to those preview pages Todd.

On to the FF times 2.

1 - Staff (yeah pepper work better, but there is such a thing as a Mill staff)

2 - Captain

3 - ?

4 - Club

5 - Keys

6 - ?

7 - ?

8 - Downs

9 - ?

10 - Salad

alison said...

Can't wait for more 'Haps!!!

Were your ears ringing Thursday, Todd? I went down to the corner to hang out with Richard a bit at his stand, and when I got there, he was babbling about you and I don't know what else and brought me over to our friend, Miguel, who sits at his easel, painting shirts for people, on the little patio between the stand and the bay. (I think that is the longest sentence I have ever written!)

Well, lo and behold, what is he working on - a chupacabra. Richard introduced me to the guy from NJ (Peter) who was having the shirt done and who wasn't too clear on what Richard had told him about you and Choopie. (Richard's English is fairly good, but given the subject I'm sure he made some sort of word salad of it all.) Soooo, I set our new friend straight and took his email address to send him the link for the site - and, of course,I told him about my PR tale and the great community on the blog. :-)

Richard thought we should have a shirt made for you, but, as much as I loved the idea and as much as you definitely deserve some sort of something or other from us, um, - oh, what the heck, Miguel isn't gonna read this (though Peter might, but I guess that's okay) - I didn't think the chupacabra was rendered all that well, especially since I've been spoiled with the eye feast provided by Craig and Rico, though I did like the sentiment behind it with him carrying a PR flag. (Okay, now that's the longest sentence I've ever written.) NO! I am not kidding about the flag. Patria and chupacabras (and coqui frogs and politics and loud music and rum) are all taken quite seriously down here.

Anyway, as Peter left us, I thought to shout after him as he made his way down the street, "Hey, and what about the Jersey Devil?" Sorry, no new info. for ya - he just laughed. :-)