Tuesday, June 24, 2008

back from the show--heroescon 08!


well, we're back...
and we had a great time!
and i got some great pictures...if blogger would only let me upload them...!
sadly, they'll have to wait 'til later of tomorrow when blogger finally gets itself together (come on, blogger...!)

lots of fun, lots of friends, lots of family!
so good to see so many of you out there that, 'til now, i've only known as names on the message boards or here in the comments section! ed, dave, emilio, brian--always good to see karen and dave!
sharon and i got to spend LOTS of time with our "family"--matt and suzanne, christian, craig and trish, karl and myrna, nick and marian, mark...

lots of money was raised for three different causes--
the heroes initiative's what if? special!
our tribute to ringo sketchbook for the aspca!
and especially, matt and suzanne's ringo scholarship at scad!

lots of people gave lots of money in mike's memory and we all tried our best not to cry in front of each other.
though he was missed, he was also there, in every smile and every hug.
he was everywhere.

craig and i sold a lot of copies of the perhapanauts annual and issues 1 and 2 (we are now officially out of the trades) and a bunch of t-shirts to some of our favorite perhapa-fans! (i have pictures but, as i said, they'll have to wait...)
thanks to ALL of you who picked up some perhapanauts loot--and to all of you NEW perhapanauts readers who picked up the book for the first time at the show! we hope you liked it and will hang around to see what happens next to our favorite cryptids...!

there are still some a tribute to 'ringo sketchbooks available--i brought some home--and they can be yours for the cost of a $10 donation to the aspca and $2 for postage (domestic sales *). you can either use our paypal account or send a check or money order payable to me todd dezago to;

ringo sketchbook
52 calendar house rd
elizaville ny 12523

* international: please e-mail for shipping costs.

it's a gorgeous book (wish i could show you some more pictures) featuring the talents of these generous artists.

Jason Armstrong
James Bukauskas, Richard Case, Francesco Francavilla, Cully Hamner, Leanne Hannah, Mike Manley, Jonboy Meyers, Karl Kesel, Barry Kitson, Craig Rousseau, Walter Simonson, Andy Smith w/ Inks by Keith Champagne, Jim Starlin, Brian Stelfreeze, Rob Stull, Paul Swain, Neil Vokes, Matt Wieringo, Kelly Yates

and here are your
answers to the
"five for...thursday?"

1. at 300 pounds (and sometimes over) who was the fattest president?

william howard taft

2. what famous artist is credited with having invented scissors?

leonardo da vinci

3. what town is famous for the saloon in which wild bill hickok was killed in 1876?

deadwood, south dakota

4. snap, crackle, pop! which one wears a baker's hat?


5. okay, i'll name the actors, you name the movie.

a. colin farrell, max von sydow, tom cruise

minority report

b. jessica alba, rutger hauer, rosario dawson

sin city

c. john goodman, steve buscemi, billy crystal

monsters, inc.

d. gary oldman, kevin bacon, ed asner


e. kelsey grammer, tom hanks, don rickles

toy story 2

that's it for me!
i'll try to post pics from the con tomorrow!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Welcome back and glad you guys had such a good time, all things considered.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Hear! Hear! It was great to spend time with the extended family, meet Nick Cardy and put some faces to the names. Already looking forward to next year.

Scott Weinstein said...

Yeah I had another great time at Heroes this year. Got to hang out with a lot of cool people. Met some new people. Bought some comics. And sold some comics. Good times were had indeed.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back everyone.

I had a blast finally meeting you all.
Loved the con and getting my hands on some perhapa-loot.
That "What if..." is really sweet, too! Specially getting so many signatures on it.
I'm also glad that the different causes get to benefit from my picking up some goodies.


Heywood Jablomie said...

man blogger can be a royal pain in the ass at times. glad all was well at the con. can't wait to do baltimore again!

Jason Copland said...

Hey Todd, it was great to finally meet you and Craig in person! I had a really great time at Heroes (my first Heroes Con) and I have a feeling I may be out there again next year.

portalcomics said...

wish I would've made it down to Charlotte to pick one up myself, but I just ordered a Ringo book!

Adam Hutch said...

I'm with you Heywood, I can't wait for Baltimore this year!
Glad the con went well and everyone had a good time.