Wednesday, June 04, 2008

rich woodall and "Z"!


so, as issue 3 of the PERHAPANAUTS continues to shape up and come together, i wanted to make sure that, in all the hubbub--and there is a LOT of hubbub going on around here, i can tell you--we didn't overlook the awesome job that our pal, rich woodall, did on our cool, retro Untold Tales from the Perhaps! back cover from Issue 2!
rich and his JOHNNY RAYGUN pal and partner, matt talbot, have been friends of ours for years and rich has been a regular here at the blog, well...forever! when craig and i realized that, at image, we'd have many extra pages each issue to do with as we pleased, we immediately thought of rich and how we could con him into doing something for us! ; )
happily, the back cover to Issue 2 is just the beginning!
"Z", of course, originally appeared, though briefly, in PERHAPANAUTS: Second Chances #2 along with fellow men in black, grey and roan. he also shows up in this Issue 2, again, briefly. this cover gives you a quick peek at some of "Z"s origin--but, well, it ain't what you think...
gladly, both he, and rich, will be back in an upcoming issue.
here's a little bit of the process rich went through to put this awesome cover together...!

roughing out some ideas...

design and pencils...

ta da!!
thanks rich! and thanks, too, to ken mcfarlane who handled the inks on it and matt talbot for providing the color and the copy! you guys rock!


also, in the spirit of all the cool dvd's in our collections, PERHAPANAUTS 4 will feature a couple of deleted scenes from issue 2; pieces we couldn't fit or held back for one reason or another...just in case you thought "Z" appearance was too brief...


reminder: craig and rico and i will be at heroescon in charlotte nc the weekend of june 20-22! we'll have all sorts of PERHAPANAUT loot available, so if you're in the area, why not plan to come by and see us?! it's a fantastic show with tons of great guests and fun for the whole family!

that's it for this wednesday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Have a great time in Charlotte guys. Not make the trek down this year myself, but I'm sure the booth will be in "super" hands without me.

Scott Weinstein said...

Rich, great work on the back cover. It looked fantastic. Will we see longer pieces from you?

I can't wait for Heroes. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

Awe Gosh... Thanks Todd. It was great to work w/ Todd, just to give you a little background, I'm a huge fan of Todds, and you know, we've talked and stuff for a while now, but I still have that butterflies in my belly, fan talkin' to a pro kinda feeling when I chat w/ him. BUT talkin' to Todd is like talkin' to any other fan of comics, he's great, no ego, totally cool dude. It was so much fun to do this, we talked, and Todd gave me a lot of room to play around, an artist couldn't ask for anything more than that.

I'll be doin' more stuff, we're talkin' about a backup right now. I can't wait!!!

alison said...

Rich and gang, The cover's awesome - I LOVE the retro look.

Todd and Craig, Hope you have lots of laughs, great conversations, inspirational moments, great food and drink, new fans, and sales in Charlotte. In other words: ENJOY!!

Heywood Jablomie said...

i really liked that back cover, great job all around on the book too. this little book that could is really coming along great and i'm so glad that we all get the chance to enjoy it!

i really wish i could do heroes con, but alas it's too far and time's not available for it. as it is baltimore is looking like it might change to an iffy, i'm working to change it to a def. yes.

Unknown said...

Awesome, love the Untold Tales retro look, makes me long for the smell and feel of a good ol'fashioned newsprint comic book from a spinner rack.