Friday, July 04, 2008

happy fourth!


since i was a little kid, i've been all about the fireworks.
at times, i'd say obsessed.
love seein' 'em, but more importantly, love setting them off.
last year, sharon and i were able to go see a great display put on by our local fire department, laying in a field as they shot them overhead. it was great!

last summer, on our way back from a week in cape hatteras with a dozen cousins, my brother and his kids and i stopped at a place in virginia and i stocked up. my nephew helped me pick out the various assortments and, since then, the two of us have been counting the days.

tonight is gonna be freakin' awesome!
: )


so, one of the cooler things that they had at heroescon this year, was our pal scott's after school agent super-secret ashcan edition featuring a sneak peek at the upcoming issue 2! i woulda talked about this here on the blog already, but, stupid me, i forgot to pick one up at the show!! i mean, i'd talked to scott about it a few days before the show and was really eager to see it--i had seen a lot of chris' artwork for it at the new york show--and then i totally forgot to get one!! what an idiot!

fortunately, however, scott was interviewed for a podcast on comic new insider and not only gives you a great run down of what the book is about, but also tells ya where you can go online to order one!! check out scott's interview from charlotte (it's about 51 minutes into the show--about 4/5s of the way in if you're searching)

and if you're interested in ordering a copy, check out;

go get one!
i did!

(sorry, scott--can't get the image to load right...)


"five for friday"
naming names...

1. what were bonnie and clyde's last names?

2. what was the name of tim taylor's sidekick on "tool time"?

3. what was drew barrymore's character's name in e.t.?

4. what famous housewife was portrayed by audrey meadows?

5. there have been 5 (five) hosts on the regular version of family feud. name them.



have a happy and, if you're an amateur pyrotechnician like myself, a SAFE fourth of july!
happy birthday, america!
still the greatest country on the planet!

happy fourth!
have a great weekend!
smell ya monday!


renecarol said...

sweet - I get to post first. I only know the answer to number 2. Al Borlin. I should know the others but my thinking cap isn't on straight this morning. I just woke up. I need to wake Lexie up and figure out what the 2 of us are going to do today. I hope you and Sharon (and everyone else you 2 are sharing this holiday with) have a great 4th. Lexie wants to see some fireworks but I have no idea where to go to see them. Maybe if someone local knows and can tell me. I should be spending the forth with the extended fam but I've been alone so much lately I'm ready for some bonding time with my daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd (& everyone else, too),
Happy Independence Day,

I'm going out on a boat to watch the fireworks this year.

I met Scott @ Heroes & picked up issue 1 & the ashcan, which he autographed for me.
Looks really cool. I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it.
I'll check out the interview in a bit.

For the 5er:
1. Bonnie Parker & Clyde Barrow
2. Al?
3. can't remember.
4. no clue
5 I only remember 3:
- Richard Dawson (my grandma referred to him as "kissy, kissy" guy)
- the guy who played Al on "Tool Time"
- Drew Carey

Heywood Jablomie said...

hey hope you and everyone here has a happy and safe one too! we're going to a bunch of BBQ's but I'm looking to get home early tonight as they do the fireworks over the bay down the street so i can sit on the deck of my house and watch them. also today our (not-so) little dog turns 2 so i gotta get up off my rear and give her her gifts now.

as for the five-fer:
1. Parker & Barrow
2. Al
3. can't recall
4. alice kramden
5. a. richard dawson
b. ray combs
c. louie anderson
d. richard karn(al from tool time)
e. that guy from seinfeld, um, john hurley i think

Leanne said...

I had a good look through the After School Agent ashcan while at Heroes-- can't wait for issue #2! And I will definitely be checking out the interview today.

No idea what Rod and I will be doing tonight yet. Every year they put on a huge fireworks display at the local fairgrounds just up the road, so we may try and check that out-- I haven't been in years. Hope you guys (and everyone else) has a happy 4th!

Okay, here is my first try at Five for Friday:

1.) Parker and Barrow
2.) Al
3.) Gertie
4.) No idea
a. Richard Dawson
b. Ray Combs
c. Louie Anderson
d. Al, the "Tool Time" guy (can't remember his name)
e. ??

I had no idea there had been five Family Feud hosts. I thought they stopped at Al. My favorite was always Ray Combs, for the record.

Scott Weinstein said...

Thanks for posting the link Todd. That was my first live interview.

Everyone have a safe, and fun Fourth.

Colin said...

1. dunno

2. Al Borlan

3. Gertie

4. Alice Kramden

a. Richard Karn
b. Louie Anderson
c. Richard Dawson
d. that guy who comitted suicide
e. J. Peterman from Seinfeld

portalcomics said...

my 5FF answers are...

1. duno
2. Al
3. Gertie
4. Alice Kramden
5. Richard Dawson
Ray Combs
Louie Anderson
John Hurlihey (sp?)

Anonymous said...

after checking w/some of your answers, looks like I goofed.
John Hurley is the current guy on Feud.
That reminded me that Drew Carey is on "Price is Right", not Feud (replacing Bob Barker after his retirement)

Brian said...

Hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th.

1) Barrow and ?

2) Al

3) ?

4) ?


a) Richard Dawson
b) Louie Anderson
c) Guy who played Al on Tool Time
d) Guy who played J. Peterson on Seinfeld.