Friday, July 18, 2008

may you live in interesting times...


well, it seems like there is an awful lot going on this week, the least of which is not the release of PERHAPANAUTS 3!
hope you got it, hope you liked it--there are no spoilers here. i said on the letters page that i would thank and give a little background on our guest artists and friends here on the blog, and i will on monday. but today i thought i'd let everyone catch up and give you the weekend so that everyone's read it.
(but i finally went and picked up a copy with scott and terry austin yesterday and i gotta say, i looks really nice...!)


got home from volleyball late last night and there was this flurry of activity on my email between matt and suzanne and craig and christian and don and i was like, what's all this about...?!

this was what it was about.

i'll admit that i was really worried when i saw the costumes a couple months ago--they looked very joel schumacher/batman and robin shiny and wrong.

this trailer gave me chills.

and that smashing pumpkins song is seriously perfect for it.


and as if that all wasn't exciting HAVE been checking out dr. horrible, haven't you? i mean, you ARE watching, right? and you are singing-along...? i am. this is so much great fun and clever and it even got me to laugh out loud a few times! love neil patrick harris! love nathan fillion! love felicia day! love joss whedon!

don't miss this!
act 1 premiered tuesday! act 2 on thursday! act 3 is tomorrow! get in!


actually, i do have a bit of a spoiler here.
or rather, brian does.

as you all know, our pal and award-winning boothboy, brian, is also a character in our little book, appearing as CRICKET lieutenant mulcahy. since his debut however, brian has begged us to hook him up with his favorite character, molly. very persistent we finally explained to brian that not only was molly roughly about 16 years old, but that we already have plans in place that wouldn't fit with his dreams.
heartbroken, brian fell into a deep depression.
shortly thereafter, with the introduction of the merrow, brian's hopes rose once again...
but after reading issue three the other day, his frustration and rage could not be contained.

here, then, is the e-mail we received the other night.
sorry, brian--sometimes things just don't work out.

as i said, brian's letter does contain a minor spoiler, so if you haven't read the book yet, feel free to skip...

Dear Todd and Craig,

You know a man works and slaves over a hot 'Haps booth at countless shows - we'll, actually, you can count them on one hand, but I'm on a roll here, so you can't expect something like reality to slow me down - invents innumerable on-line identites to flog the book - again on a roll here, so, facts, we don't need no stinking facts - and purchased multiple copies of the Second Trade Paperback - yeah, I know, I know, I was in it, but so were a few other cats, including the two of you, and I bet YOU didn't buy multiple copies, now did you - so I felt a great surge of excitment when I got panel 4 on page 10 and read that the Merrow, wonderful, beautiful Merrow, had feelings for someone at Bedlam. Yeah baby, I said to myself, finally all that hard work will be rewarded, all that heart ache over losing Molly to Keith will be wiped away when the Merrow expresses her love for . . . . PETER! PETER! WTF man? PETER! You have got to be kidding me.

Then I say to myself, Self, I says, Peter has five letters and Brian has five letters, so it just must be a typo. But Nooooooooooooo, I get to the back-up story and see it ain't no typo, it's just Brian getting shafted again and having it rubbed in his face for six beautiful pages.

Dezago, you're a deadman,

Rousseau, deadman,

Neidermeyer, deadman.

Love, your pal

Officer Mulcahy


"five for friday"
i'll make a list of 3
and you tell me what
or who they have
in common...

1. eldorado, a new world record, out of the blue

2. ink, beak, tentacle

3. bill and ted, hectic planet, milk and cheese

4. john goodman, mark addy, alan reed

5. let it bleed, good fellas, the departed

that's it!
gotta get to work!
smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

First of all. Love issue 3. It looks great. I'm glad we're seeing more of Merrow. That last panel was fantastic. Great work guys. And I love all the back-up stories. Great work from Kelly and Tad. Congrats guys.

The Watchmen trailer looks good. I was not sure what to expect either. But, this is promising.

And finally, Brian... sorry for all you disappointment. But, Joann looks like she's not seeing anyone. So... there's that.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really get into the watchmen books, but that trailer looks great.
I'll definitely see that when it premiers.

Didn't know about Dr Horrible, but NOW I do...

Brian's letter is just too funny. Glad you included it in todays post.

I've got "nothin', ziltch, nada" for the 5er.

portalcomics said...

haven't read 3 yet... but I will!! LOL!!

the Watchmen trailer does look pretty cool....

here's my 5FF answers...

1. ????
2. all parts of a squid
3. no idea... if memory serves me right, Milk and Cheese appeared in an ish of Hectic Planet, but what that has to do with Bill and Ted, I don't know... did the comic appear in the movie???
4. all 3 portrayed Fred Flintstone
5. all 3 contained the song "Gimme Shelter"

alison said...

Brian, Sorry for another heart break, but at least your current love interest is still in print (though seemingly hopeless, I still await the return of Koj). Hang in there, the writing gods that be don't know everything - Peter just might be a passing phase, though admitedly, I haven't read the issue and gotten a woman's sense on the situation yet.
Great letter, btw, stated your case excellently.

Todd, loved your promo letter in the other entry. I still haven't picked up any Watchmen and wish I would get my act together before the movie comes out. (Just like Persepolis - already made into a film and I still haven't read it. Damn that procrastination gene.)

Brian said...

Too broken hearted to even attempt the Five for Friday . . . naaah, just kidding, but I got nothing.

Saw the Watchmen trailer and like Todd I was very impressed with how good the costumes look in the trailer. I too had been worried based on the initial still shots, but those beautiful figures they had at the DC Booth at the NYC Con had given me hope and this trailer has given me a little more hope. I'm not 100% sold on Dr. Manhattan yet, but naked blue guy was always going to be tough to pull off, so I think they have done a pretty darn good job with him.

Scott, it is funny you should mention Joann as I understand one of the future back-up stories that Todd is working on is called The C.R.I.C.K.E.T and the Cougar. ; )

Also, if you think Joann is a stretch, ask Craig what his suggestion was. I'm not going to spoil it should he want to share it, but it made me laugh out loud.

Heywood Jablomie said...

hahaha! great letter brian! i have an idea, how about the aswang?! she was kinda hot right? haha

got nothing not already mentioned on the fiver-fer, although i did look them all up.

i'll check out that trailer when i get home can't quite sneak it into the workday here....

portalcomics said...

OK, so I did a little research (which I believe is legal according to the 5FF rule book, one can research the questions, after he/she has posted his/her answers....)

anyway, I found the connection between Milk and Cheese, Hectic Planet and Bill and Ted!!!


Warren said...

Poor Brian.

1. ELO albums == Jeff Lynne rules!
2. Squiddy associations?
3. Adventures?
4. Freds.
5. Scorcese films.

craig rousseau said...

i dunno... we were kinda thinking that IF karl ever gets out of his coma, HE'd profess his true feeling for officer mulcahy ("brian... i wish i could quit you...")

todd said...

...another reason why he's never coming outta that coma...

Heywood Jablomie said...

i kinda think that would be hilarious meself!

alison said...

Just watched Dr. Horrible, it was a hoot!! - thanks, Todd. Between you guys here, my #2 son, and VH1 at least I feel quasi current.

As for our lovelorn officer, good one, Craig. heh heh heh

Brian said...

Todd, if it comes down to me or Karl, I say save Karl.

Just make sure someone else cleans out my locker, as Karl recreating the "shirt scene" would be too heart breaking to bear.

; )

~ Wendy ~ said...

Love #3 - the only problem is that my issue came with the Tad Stones cover and there must have been an error with the printing because when I opened it - all the pages were upside down so I had to read it while standing on my head! *sigh*

-seriously though - loved it (of course!!). I hope you can find someone to love Brian - sounds like he needs a good gal ... or mothman ... (smile)

Also just finished watching the last Dr. Horrible. Thanks for leading me there - it was legend ... (wait for it... wait for it ...) dary!!! - I love NPH and the singing was such a hoot to listen to... I laughed, I cried - I wanted more!..