Tuesday, July 29, 2008

---perhapa-blog EXTRA!!!---talking with tim!!!---


one of the things i had planned to post yesterday was a link (or, since i seem to suck at creating links, at least a 'cut and paste'...) to the interview i did last week with comics reporter/web journalist/perhapanauts supporter tim o'shea.

and i forgot...

i had the post all put together and i even had a note to myself here on my desk about putting the link up there, but i also had a note that i had to pick up my nephew and spend the day trying to keep him out of trouble--and vice versa--since both of his parents were busy running summer camp sports programs.

anyway, i did pick up tyler, but i completely forgot tim's link.

so as an extra bonus tuesday perhapa-post, here is the link to "talking with tim."


also, here are three raccoons!
smell ya later!


Leanne said...

Great interview, Todd! And the Karl mention was nice too (go, Karl!). I let Rod read the first two 'Haps trades on the plane flight to SDCC last week and he is now a fan. He doesn't really read comics anymore, so it was nice to see him getting excited about a comic series again.

And that raccoon picture is ADORABLE.

Squeeze said...

Hi Todd! Going to read the interview right now. Hope you are well.

Caught up on the blog and wanted to warn you that Grey's Anatomy hits a plateau for awhile so watch out. I would whole heartedly recommend "The Closer" if you are looking for another great show. I LOVE it and Matt's hooked too. Hope you and Sharon are well.

LOVE that piece you showed a few entries back with the lovely coloring job by Rico! What a man.