Friday, July 11, 2008

ryan lord & some other stuff...!


somewhere between the new york show and the seattle show and the charlotte show, somewhere between working on getting the lettering done for issue 3 and lettering jason armstrong's beautiful back-up story in issue 4, somewhere while we were squeezing in the five page tale that graces the pages of the monster pile-up, somewhere between hell and high water and a rock and a hard place...

...we received this awesome piece from artist (and perhapanauts fan), ryan lord!
i had originally hoped to use this mock cover as a pin-up in the book, but as our next six issues are already crammed to overflowing it meant that we wouldn't be able to run it until sometime in march or april of next year! ...and i just didn't want everyone to have to wait that long to see this cool cover!

i love it!--the eerie green glow and painterly quality of the background immediately reminded me of some of the great comic book covers that dell and gold key used to do for books like ufo saucers and the twilight zone! and that wild new logo made me think 60's/ herculoids right away! and that's not a bad thing... (love them herculoids!)

ryan even sent over these breakdowns to show us the process. i love to see sketches and stuff like this, to see how the artist works and gradually builds to the finished piece...

thanks so much, ryan!
i can't tell you how exciting it is for us to see other artist's takes on our guys!
(i was gonna tell everyone that they can see more of ryan's work over at, but it seems to currently be under re-construction. i letcha know when it's back up and working again...)
thanks again!


just a couple pictures of some storms that i've had on my desktop for a while now and thought were cool.


and, of course,
here are your
"five for friday"

1. what master of the macabre was the host of tv's thriller?

2. what master of the macabre did the voiceover for michael jackson's thriller?

3. what famous early 80's song, used in a movie, was originally intended as the theme to a horror film?

4. what non-musical tv show became mtv's #1 show in 1993?

5. who used these aliases?

a. "mark twain"
b. "regina falange"
c. "richard bachman"
d. "el kabong"
e. "anastasia beaverhausen"

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

A tip of the hat to Ryan Lord. That's some darn fine drawing, coloring and designing. The behind the scenes peek is always nice to see to. Kudos.

Those are some severe looking weather snaps, Todd. I'd hate to see what happens when Mother Nature really gets ticked off at us.

The Fiver:
1. Boris Karloff
2. Vincent Price
3. Dunno
4. The Real World
5a. Samuel Clemens
5b. Dunno
5c. Stephen King
5d. Dunno
5e. Dunno

Scott Weinstein said...

Ryan's piece is awesome. Choopie looks like a real badass. Great work.

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome piece (I know I use the word "awesome" to describe a lot of art, but I just love comic art)
Love the breakdown sketches, too!

#2 Vincent Price
5a Samuel Clemens
5d Quickdraw McGraw

That's all I've got

Brian said...

Kudos to Ryan on the cool cover.

On to the five.

1. ?

2. Vincent Price

3. ?

4. ?

(a) Samuel Clemens
(b) ?
(c) Stephen King
(d) ?
(e) Karen Walker on "Will & Grace"

Warren said...

I love that cover, especially the logo. And, yeah, Herculoids were great!

1. Boris Karloff
2. Vincent Price
3. Was it something like "Dead Man's Party" by someone like Oingo Boingo?
4. The Real World
5a. Samuel Clemens
5b. Um...
5c. Stephen King
5d. Quickdraw McGraw
5e. Um...

Adam Hutch said...

Great Cover Ryan!
Herculoids...along with Spaceghost they made USA Network's Cartoon Express great.

That second storm picture looks so otherworldly, I love it.

Unknown said...

Adam, that second storm pic is actually a volcano eruption from last year I think, could be two years ago. The ash cloud is actually generating it's own internal lightning because of all the particulate matter rubbing together.

It is a cool picture. I'm not arguing that. I also love the two storm fronts that are pictured.

2. Vincent Price
5a Sam Clemens

and I'm done with those.

alison said...

Hi Guys - The cover is, as Emilio so aptly put, awesome! Even though it won't be til March, I hope is sees print.

Storm (and volcano ash) shots are great, t, and I can imagine just how much greater the in person sight and atmosphere was for the photographers.

I've only got Samuel Clemens - yet once again, I am so lame...

renecarol said...

Wow that's gorgeous - absolutely love that cover.

Colin said...

1. dunno

2. vincent price

3. dunno

4. Beavis & Butthead

5. who used these aliases?

a. Samuel Clemens
b. dunno
c. Stephen King
d. dunno
e. Karen on Will & Grace