Wednesday, July 02, 2008

spec-tacular, spec-tacular...


what's that you say? you haven't been watching the awesome saturday morning sensation, SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN?!?!? the way cool new series that takes everything good from the spider-man mythos and captures everything that spider-man is and should be about and wraps it up in a fantastic show that blows every other incarnation of the character out of the water?!?!?! and best yet, it's designed by our pal, SEAN "CHEEKS" GALLOWAY?!?!?! you're not watching that?!

man, i'd hate to be you.

if you haven't seen it, check it out. can't swing it this saturday? tivo it and catch it when you can. you'll be glad you did.

the writing is just plain perfect--they meld together all the wonderful high points from spidey's history--and all the best villains--and sweep you along on the suddenly wild ride that is peter parker's life! all the while, remaining true to the essence of ALL of the characters and paying a sweet homage to all the comics that have come before!
and the artwork...!
not only are cheeks' designs exactly what this show needs, they are full of the fun and the energy that the character is all about! spidey is water, he is fluid--and it looks, very easy to animate! peter's youthful, wide-eyed wonder is real and his compassion shines in his face and his body language! and the villains...the rhino is massive, doc ock is driven, electro is...electric!

if you've seen it, you know. if you haven't...don't talk to me until you do.

and the theme song is great! sharon and i sing it all around the house.
well, i do.

spec-tacular, spec-tacular SPIDER-MAN!

tell ALL of your friends!


and, following up on the whole weird russian creature/skeksis thing, cooper mentioned a strange creature he saw on youtube while googling. here's a link to that creepy vid--


and here's a pic of a wacky creature we know about, but it's still kinda weird...

an echidna

see ya friday!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

The new Spidey cartoon is great and they did a great job translating Cheeks vision to the screen.

Scott Weinstein said...

Yeah, I started Tivo-ing that Spidey cartoon. I really enjoy it. They capture Peter and Spidey really well. And I love the animation. The fight scenes are great. I love the way he flips around. They really highlight his speed and agility.

And the character designs are right on the money. Especially the updated Peter Parker look. He's nerdy without having to wear glasses and carry a briefcase. But, he also looks kind of hip.

Also I think the most amazing thing about the echidna is that it wears yellow socks.

Adam Hutch said...

I love Spectacular Spider-Man. I was a little worried about the designs when I first saw them, but once I saw the pilot, they just worked. Same thing happened when the Batman: The Animated Series premiered.

The animation is great. The little touches are what get me. When's he's using his webs, there's almost always a split second of tension before the web contracts.

I guess next season is supposed involve a gang war.

Heywood Jablomie said...

yeah spidey is a good show. i've only been able to see a couple of episodes though. i keep forgetting ti's on, and i don't have tivo to remind me. i like the guy who voices electro, he does some good anime voicework. and the character designs are sweet.

that video was creepy, but cool.

and i found the socks on the echidna cute as well.

Matt Wieringo said...

I've seen a couple episodes and have the rest recorded. And, yeah, it's pretty great. I love the designs too. This is what the Spidey comic should be.

And, hey, look! The Shocker!

Leanne said...

I'm kind of ashamed to say that I haven't seen this series yet... But I plan to-- I've heard too many good things about it.

I watch Sean on deviantART so I'd seen his designs and loved them. Fantastic stuff!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah.
That is one spectacular cartoon :)

Seen several episodes. I no longer have any cable or sat so I hope they'll release the season on DVD afterwards.

The other characters (Green Goblin, Lizard, and Blackcat) look awesome, too.

Cully Hamner said...

You know, solely on your say-so, I finally starting catching this show... and it's really good!

I'm shocked you're not pitching for this show, man...!

Mean Girl said...

i´d wanna have an echidna.Where can i buy one or adopt one.
i wanna have an echidna a lot!
if you know please send me an email

Anonymous said...

Just ran across the blog. This particular echidna was hit by a car, hence the yellow socks. I believe if memory serves that he broke his little legs. His name is Cec, and he lives in Australia or New Zealand. Thanks!