Wednesday, July 09, 2008

summer lovin'


though he's best known, of course, for his work on teen titans, aquaman, bat lash, and brave and the bold, my pal, nick cardy, drew tons of covers for dc comics back in the late 60's and early 70's. recently we were talking about some of his absolute favorites and this is one of them. not only is it simply a beautifully designed and illustrated cover, it also embodies everything summer is about...sun, sand, and...heartbreak?!

why IS she alone...?


warren has posted here every now and then, throwing in his comments on various subjects i've brought up or adding in his answers to the "five on friday." i finally got a chance to meet him at heroescon this year--only after talking with him for about ten minutes--and found that he's pals with matt. it was great meeting him, but he, like a few others, had come around when i didn't have the camera out.

so he sent a picture.
not of him. a cooler one.
here it is.

molly by warren newsom.
i love it.
very nice, warren. thanks for sharing it with all of us!


a few more selections from kc's crazy archie covers!

gotta go!
words to write and comics to pick up!
smell ya later!


Scott Weinstein said...

That's a great piece Warren. I like the tension in it. Nice work. Good coloring job too.

And Nick's cover is great. I was just going through some of the romance covers he has on his site:
They are fantastic. In a lot of ways, I think those are more interesting than superhero covers. There is always so much drama in them. And lots of girls crying.

And here is why the girl on this cover is alone. It's winter. The poor deranged girl was so starved for the love of a man, she went down to the beach on a cold (yet very sunny) winter day to display herself. But, who was going to join her on that frigid Long Island beach in February? No one. Poor girl.

Brian said...

Love that Nick Cardy cover; she reminds me of MJ.

As for the question on the cover about why the girl is alone, I'd be willing to bet the story inside never even comes close to addressing the issue. That's the way it was with covers back then.

No comics to pick up today in Massachusetts, the 4th Holiday last week pushed new comics day to Thursday this week.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Oh man - talk about bringing back some memories! When I was younger and we would go on car trips my dad would always make sure I had a stack of comic books to read.. I think I may have even read some of these!! LOL

Matt Wieringo said...

Wow, that IS great, Warren. Nicely done! Draw more!

I'll tell you why she's alone. Because I haven't arrived yet! Yowza. I love redheads. Especially Nick Cardy-drawn redheads.

Nick's covers always creeped me out when I was a kid. In a good way. Mostly the horror covers like GHOSTS and TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED but sometimes the superhero stuff too. Whoever was coloring his covers would often use muted colors. Like the Flash would be dark burgundy instead of red. His moody lighting combined with those dark palettes was just so...spooky!

Warren said...

Thanks for the compliments! It was super-cool of you, Todd, to post it like this. It made me all giddy to see it on the OFFICIAL BLOG OF THE PERHAPANAUTS! You guys are great to your fans.

When I was a little kid just starting to read comic books (waaaay back in the 60's), my teenaged neighbor would buy a stack of comics every week and after he read them, he'd give them (some of them, at least) to me. Usually there weren't any romance comics in the stack, unless there was a girl on the cover in a bikini. At the time, I thought all romance stories were set at the beach.

Anonymous said...

Hey y'all,
I popped in a bit late this week.

Warren- I agree with everyone, that Molly looks awesome.

I'll pop over to Nick's site in a bit, didn't think he had one (my dumbness, of course)
Hey Scott, Thanks for that link.

It was so cool to meet Nick @ Heroes. He is so fun to talk to.