Monday, January 12, 2009

guilty pleasures


kinda snowed in this past weekend and, while craig and i went back and forth hooking up my webcam and designing/writing/formatting all the extras pages for the upcoming PERHAPANAUTS TRADE--and believe me, this thing is gonna be SUPER-jam packed with stuff, folks!! (more on this later...)--i had vh1's top 40 pranks2 and the game show netweork on in the background while i did housework and cleaning and stuff.

the pranks show was kinda cool--i've seen an episode or two of several of the shows they were drawing from; scare tactics, crank yankers, the man show, jackass, punk'd. but i hadn't seen--probably 'cause i just don't watch anything on mtv anymore--anything of the more ominous room 401. designed to be a sort of creepy candid camera, the reactions these pranksters are looking for is for their targets to question not only their eyes, but their sanity. if you get a chance, take a look. the pranks, as all good pranks should be, are never dangerous or malicious, but they do scare the victims with some top-notch illusions and well-thought-out effects. the flying cabbie and the liquid nitrogen ones are particularly eerie...

so, the other side of this is the game show network, on here mostly for the trivia questions and nothing else. i need to find some new material for the "five for friday!" wherever i can, right? but now my new favorite on gsn is the commercials. well, one commercial in particular. i love it so much, i've recorded it and watched it over and over--it makes me laugh everytime.
which commercial, you ask?

well, you've seen this guy, right?

billy mays for oxi-clean or orange-glow or kaboom! or whatever!
in the proud tradition of the early tv hucksters like ron popeil--and i love how they make these commercials look like 70's throwbacks--along with looking like those guys at the county fair who are doing the demos like carnival barkers of yore.

but this guy...

this guy, vince, is my new hero! i love him! with his one eye constantly cocked open, his speedy fast delivery, his style and charisma, he is, without a doubt, the reincarnation of actor lloyd nolan. vince looks like a cartoon hood, a street-talkin' wiseguy that i still somehow trust! and while the shamwow! commercials are already classiscs...'s vince's clio-worthy work on the incredible slap chop! that has me rewinding over and over! not only informative, this commercial is hilarious and shows how far this young pitchman has already come! his jaunty smirk, his casual familiarity, his hubris--get this guy a sitcom! when he chops the onion...holy crap! he not only sells like no other pitchman before him, he transcends the entire advertising medium!
do not miss him!

and, oddly enough, when i did a google search for sham wow! images, this came up.
what the hell is this?

(as you can tell, i really didn't have much to say today--just all excited and getting ready for perhapanauts 5 to drop on wednesday!)

here are the
answers to your
"five for friday!"

1. what major event happened in fantastic four 48?
the coming of galactus!
(first appearance of galactus)

2. what event took place in crisis on infinite earths #7?
the death of supergirl

3. what occurred in amazing spider-man #121?
the death of gwen stacy

4. thor #337 chronicled what cosmic event?
the is another worthy enough to hold the hammer--beta ray bill!
(first appearance of beta ray bill)

5. what tragic event took place in uncanny x-men # 137?
the death of jean grey

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Funny, ended up cleaning the house on Saturday too and had shoveling to do on Sunday. Instead of gameshows and entertaining huksters on in the background, however, for me, this weekend, it was wall to wall football.

Only 4 more weeks, more or less, until NYC.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Angie and I were marveling over this Vince fella last weekend. We even came up with a few Sham-Wow! jokes, which I've already forgotten. What I really want to know is why he's wearing that headpiece? Is this product so popular he can't stop taking orders - even to make a commercial?

Issue 5 in 49 hours...

Adam Hutch said...

My father-in-law has an addiction for all things "As Seen on TV" and has already declared that he has to own the Sham-Wow.

My nephew's more of a Billy Mays fan and asked my wife and I to get him some Hercules Hooks for his room for his birthday. That was after he asked me if I thought Billy Mays was "some kinda of freaking genius?"

todd said...

that vince wears a headset is all part of the cool. another enigmatic piece of the puzzle that is vince.

that billy mays feels it's necessary to yell his entire schpiel when i'm absolutely certain that, with his intimate knowledge of so many cool new inventions, he's heard of microphones, is beyond me.

Chris said...

I think my favorite part of the Sham-Wow spot is when he says "...and it made in Gemany and we all know the Germans make good stuff."

Just cracks me up every time.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Oh man Billy Mays is the funniest. Why does he scream??? Karen's dad hates the man with a passion. I always found it funny though that the commercial he does for the Samurai Shark sounds like he's saying Samurai Shart......

Not familiar with the Sham Wow commercials. I've been watching so much stuff on dvd lately so regular tv has gone by the wayside for a while.But I know someone who has one and they say it's awesome.

Matt Wieringo said...

Billy Mays is good. I've never seen this Vince guy. Perhaps he wears the headset for his day job as NASA Control Room Tech and has to run over to the set to shoot the commercial and then run back to land the shuttle. He keeps in on in case Tom Hanks needs some advice.

~ Wendy ~ said...

Billy Mays cracks us up here too. All that yelling to sell one thing or another .. but wait!!! there's more!! lol

Adam, be careful when/if you purchase those Hercules Hooks (I think those were the ones I actually looked into) .. they may only be something like 9.99 for a set (but WAIT .. if you order now we'll throw in 2 other sets free!!) .. they may sound like a good deal but the shipping/handling can be a killer. I think it was something like $30.00 or $40.00 just for shipping!! yikes!!

but wait!! there's more.....

Brian said...

Matt, I was thinking along the same lines as you with the head set, but I pictured his day job more along the line of working the drive through window at a fast food joint.

craig rousseau said...

funny, whenever i talk with christopher golden at conventions, i expect him to start hawking his wares and yelling at me...

Brian said...


LOL! Yes, you nailed it.

todd said...

yeah, but i'm telling chris you said that...

Brian said...

As long as you show him the picture when you tell him.


Adam Hutch said...

Wendy, thanks for the heads up. We have a chain of drug stores that Billy Mays must have a stake in where I live. All his stuff from the Hercules Hooks to Big City Slider Stations to Mighty Putty is for sale on its own end-cap.

Maybe that's what Vince needs to do to really break out. If he can find time between filming commercials and directing air traffic.

craig rousseau said...

you know what i love about that pic of billy mays...?

it's autographed.

because, really, who wouldn't want his autograph?

Anonymous said...

More than I doubt the touted absorbing qualities of the Sham-Wow, do I call into question the notion that A.N.Y.O.N.E. spends $20 a MONTH on paper towels! Maybe Richie Rich does, maybe even Veronica Lodge's dad. But no one real, and no one that I know.

Billy Mays' expansion of his product line seemed natural and organic. That is, until he started hawking HEALTH INSURANCE. Now there was a curve ball one couldn't have anticipated.