Wednesday, January 14, 2009

perhapanauts 5--on sale TODAY!!


so i've learned that, when the new issue comes out and we offer up a preview, everybody ducks and covers, plugging their ears and yelling "la la la", getting out of the way of any spoilers that might infringe on their leisurely reading satisfaction later. i can definitely identify with that--i'm one of those, too!

so, we offer no previews here today. no spoilers, no hints as to what to expect--save for the covers that i ran here last friday. when you snuggle in later on today--or more likely, later tonight--with your hot-off-the-presses copy of the latest issue--a jam-packed, 28 page cornucopia of cover-to-cover perhapanauts goodness--it'll be with fresh eyes and no preconceived notions.
well, except for everything that happened last issue.
you did read last issue, right?
did you read it carefully?

i will post a thread later today on the perhapanauts forum over on the image message boards for anyone who'd like to discuss the issue and what all is going on. i'm sure there will be a lot of questions and i will try my best to answer what i can. but please understand; there is still so much backstory on each character and all of BEDLAM that is set to be revealed in future issues, that there are many questions that i'm just not gonna be able to answer.



it's rare that craig and i shift gears in the middle of something, be it a story or any of the other perhapanauts projects we've worked on. but as neither one of us like to ruin a surprise, craig originally did this cover for perhapanauts 5 which kept the identity of choopie's deadly pursuer in the shadows. once the story started unfolding however--and once choopie's assailant was revealed in issue 4--craig felt that he wanted to do a new cover, a more powerful cover that reflected the danger and urgency of the battle a bit more.
good call, c!


y'know, while you're at the comic shop...

apparently, today is my day.
also, hitting the stands this afternoon is marvel adventures spider-man #47, written by me with art by the very talented sanford greene! this story gave me a chance to re-visit one of mike's and my old friends, the prowler, and for me to use my favorite big purple gargoyle! check it out!

now go out and get your perhapanauts 5!
and marvel adventures spider-man 47!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Didn't know about the Marvel Adventures, but it is now on my shopping list, Todd. Just hope I can make to the comic shop today...lousy-no-good-work messing-up-my-schedule...don't they know Wednesday is new comic day?!

Brian said...

I'll be heading out later today/tonight to pick up No. 5 and will definitely be on the look out for Spidey as I loves me some Prowler.

I guess I'll also go back and re-read at least issue 4 given that hint you gave us about being "careful."

Heywood Jablomie said...

HOLY @!$*!!!!

I just got done with the issue, read it twice as there's some stuff I'll post about on that thread.

I have to go recover now from the spins I've got from all the twists!!

Heywood Jablomie said...

Oh yeah and got spidey-will read it tonight tho!

Matt Wieringo said...

Dang it! Why didn't I read this before going to the shop last night??! I missed the Spidey book. I'll go pick it up next week.

I read the main story this morning before work and it was worth the wait. I told you that Chimera had his hands full! I'd love to have seen Craig's face when he got your script, though. scenes must have been pretty intimidating.

I didn't have time to read the backup but the art looks absolutely wonderful!

Jason Copland said...

Thanks, Matt!