Friday, March 26, 2010

casper and leanne hannah!


so what i keep getting from people, here on the perhapanauts website and on my facebook page, are questions from people asking where issues 2 and 3 of CASPER and The SPECTRALS are. i have done my best to be encouraging and reassuring that those next chapters would definitely be out, definitely see print but, truth to tell, it was pretty iffy there for a while. and while the guys at ardden entertainment--the company producing the book--were doing all they could behind the scenes to get this thing together and back on schedule, they weren't making any public statements to let you, the readers, know what was going on.
but now, finally, we have some real news, some positive news, and some especially awesome news, that we can share.
first is that the project is back on track, that issue 2, drawn by pedro delgado, will be on stands in june!
second is that, sadly, due to some disagreements with ardden, pedro had to leave the project and so issue three will be illustrated by our own...LEANNE HANNAH!!
i've been so excited about this and about the awesome work and designs that leanne has been turning in--and not been able to say anything about it--that i'm fit to bust! but now it can be told and leanne does a great job of it over on her website, so go take a look!

congrats, leanne, and i'm so happy to be working with you!
* everything she says about me over there are lies...


i used to be a big jay leno fan before he stared on the tonight show. his comedy was funny and clever and sometimes it would sneak up on you. when he got the gig from johnny, he watered down his onstage personality and went mainstream to appeal to a wider audience and that's okay--but it wasn't really my energy drink anymore.
the only part of his show that i did like--and would try to catch every monday night after volleyball when i thought of it and had the chance--was headlines, where he would read items from national and local newspapers sent in from all over the country. mis-worded headlines, hilarious police reports, amusing wedding announcements...funny stuff.

i'm not sure if that's where these originally came from, but our alison sent them the other day and some of them made me laugh out loud. hope you do too and will go into the weekend with a smile on your face...

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

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Brian said...

Thanks, Todd, those were great.

I was just getting to say that the birthday card one was my favorite, and then I read the one about the Arnold cut out, hilarious.

Have a great weekend.

Rich Woodall said...

Nice!!! I was wondering about that! And Super congrats to Leanne!!!!

Matt Wieringo said...

I'm with you Todd. Leno rubbed me the wrong way more and more until I couldn't watch the show anymore. EXCEPT for the Monday night Headlines bit. Obviously the lady who gets dressed up for Walmart has never been to this site:

That is definitely a case of bad news/good news. I loved Pedro's work on the book and hate to see him go but hearing that Leanne will be doing it sure takes the sting off. Congrats, Leanne! You deserve it.

Warren said...

Good news and chuckles! I could use more of that! Thanks Todd! And congrats, Leanne!

Brian said...

I love the cover to issue No. 2 and . . .

Congrats Leanne! Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on Casper & Friends.

Scott Weinstein said...

I'm glad the next Caspers will be coming out eventually. But the truth is I'm even more psyched to see Leanne's great art on that book with Todd's writing.