Monday, March 01, 2010

a tale of two hulks~!


after all that talk about the hulk last week--and thank you very much to those of you who told me that they woulda liked to've seen my take on the hulk--i realized that i'm having some great fun with the hulk right now!
well, not THE hulk...but the marvel super hero squad version has been providing me with a lot of laughs lately!

not the classic, raging, rampaging, monstrous horrific, never-know-what-he-might-do hulk--i would still like to get my hands on that guy--but the funny, always-hungry, slow-on-the-uptake, big green comic relief hulk that is usually the one with the punchline at the end of the story. i'm having big fun with these guys and the hulk most of all!

in the super hero squad, hulk is the "joey". call it slow--in this case some might even say mentally challenged--he's the innocent in the group that sees things with different eyes and his remarks and actions are sometimes hilarious because of that. choopie can be that way, and impulse was cut from that same cloth. but they are three very different flavors of that unique characteristic. impulse, though at times somewhat mischievous, was pure at heart and though in his actions he always leapt before he looked, there was a kindness and compassion behind everything he did. choopie is the exact opposite; egocentric and still retaining a malicious mean streak (that we write off to the animal still buried not-so-deeply within), choopie's moment(s) of caring is a rare occasion indeed. with the super hero squad hulk, we have innocence combined with incredible power. hulk is a child and not immune to tantrums. he busts things, he breaks things, he loses patience and "hulk smash!" he acts and reacts with powerful consequences and, in a cartoon world, that's a recipe for funny!
or at least i hope so.

i'm having fun on this book and i hope that, if you haven't already, you might swing by and check it out.


and just 'cause i been goin' all old school marvel in some of my reading lately...

here's the big match-up that i never get tired of...

have a great monday!
smell ya later!

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Brian said...

Man those were the days when fanboy debates about who could beat whom - Thing vs. Hulk and Thor vs. Hulk - took glorious full-color form with change back from your dollar.

Yeah, I know, I know, it was not so much a story as just twenty odd pages of smack down, but I loved it.

Warren said...

I always thought the best way to stop a rampaging Hulk was to hand him a bunny. He was always going, "Aww... bunny..." then turning back to Banner. Kittens might work too, but I'm not sure. Especially if the kitten scratched him.

Thing vs Hulk. Classic stuff. And nobody could draw that clash better than the King.

todd said...

that's beautiful, warren.

one of my favorite hulk scenes--and i just can't seem to find it--was a bill mantlo/sal buscema (i think) moment where hulk, in a moment of serene calm--where he should have been changing back to banner, supposedly, but i'll give it that he was "coming down" off the hulk--is watching a doe and her fawn through the bushes and a hunters gun rings out and kills the doe. hulk--of course--freaks out, and tears into the two hunters screaming, "you killed bambi's mommy!"

although it makes you wonder how the hulk knows about that particular disney movie...? did he see it? i'd love to see a shot of the big green hulk seated in a theater, huge bucket of popcorn and a soda, terrified moviegoers pulling away from him in their seats, as he enjoys the wonder of bambi.

Matt Wieringo said...

Hunh. Reminds me of that scene in IRON GIANT. Wonder if that's where Brad Bird got it.

I always wondered why hobos were always handing Hulk plates of beans. They were taking their lives in their hands. Can you imagine?!!

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