Monday, August 28, 2006

last minute entries


before we totally beat this into the ground (and it might already be too late...) here are some new nominees from kojee's pal, night wise, and craig's 2¢ on the whole thing. (he woulda wrote them in himself and apologizes, but he's got his hands VERY full right now tearing up and re-doing their kitchen, drawing the next installment of the perhapanauts...oh, and being a full-time stay-at-home dad with johnny.)

so night wise says that most of his choices have already been mentioned but for arisa he threw in gina torres who played zoe on joss whedon's "firefly" and in the "serenity" movie. great call! I love everyone on firefly and zoe especially! and for mg he said, james marsden. if cast, of course, james would also become king of the comic book movies having been in the x-men movies and superman returns.

as for craig, it was kinda funny when we talked about this. i'm a real purest when it comes to comic book movies and i want people who are spitting images of the characters as well as for the story to unfold pretty much just as it appeared in the comic. i always thought that rosario dawson would be an awesome arisa. i thought craig was on the same page. but he said, no, he never really saw her as arisa and that opened up a whole new converstaion. it was fascinating (to me) to hear who he felt would best play our kids. here's the list.

arisa: not that he's trolling for young actresses on pbs--as i said, craig is home with 2-year-old johnny all day, he says desiree casado who plays gaby on sesame street is who he's been imagining as our telepathic team leader.

mg: "deadwood"'s timothy olyphant.

the voice of big: dennis haysbert from "24" and a buncha car insurance commercials.

craig says he'd originally based hammerskold on jk simmons who plays j, jonah in the spider-man movies and was on hbo's "oz". until i told craig that hammerskold was actually much younger. he thought that ray stevenson from hbo's "rome" was a great choice.

and for the chief, craig says that he's always been channeling the x-files dierctor skinner, mitch pileggi, when he draws him. not that you get to see that much of the chief in that he's always conveniently cast in shadow...

so there they are. i don't know if we should vote and choose the "ULTIMATE" cast or just leave it like this. i wouldn't want anyone to feel bad that their candidate didn't make the final list... so lemme know--should we vote on it or what?

i'll be waitin' to hear from you.

smell ya later--


Brian said...

Dennis Haysbert from "24" is a great choice for Big as he has shown on The Unit that he can kick butt with the best of them.

As for voting, I'd say in this instance we should set democracy aside - starting to sound like George Bush here - and let the creators have the final say.

Brian said...

Last second changes.

For Arisa I'm going to join the Gina Torres camp, but
for Molly I'm going to throw out a new entry

Kristen Bell of Veronic Mars fame.

I think she'd be perfect and why neither Craig nor I thought of her before is beyond me.

Brian said...

Just for laughs, here is my "Plan Nine from Outer Space" worst case scenario what have you hollywood b@$tards done to my baby cast.

Choopie: Pauly Shore - Not only do you save on CGI costs, but Pauly won't even need that much make up.

Big: The voice of Paul Reubens, TV's pee-wee herman

Molly: Rosie O'Donnell

Arisa: Rosie Perez

MG: Jean Claude Van Damme I could use the work or Steven - help me out of this paper bag I can't seem to act my way out of - Seagal if he is available.

Joann: Phyllis Diller

Hammerskold: Whatever Baldwin brother is most out of shape at the time filiming starts.