Friday, November 10, 2006

jason's 24 hour comic and empty chamber


tried desperately to post this this morning but there was just so much going on today--different things all around--and i just didn't get to do it.

but it's still friday so i feel like i'm still on schedule. call this post something to carry you through the weekend...

and really all i wanna do today is point you toward jason's blog and comics and stuff.

our good pal, jason copland, i mean.
a few weeks back i made mention of jason's comic book 'empty chamber' that he does with writer a. david lewis, a 2-issue black and white suspense noir that i just loved! well, i loved the first part of it...i'm dying to see the second half. jason had sent me a preview copy months ago and i dug it, orderd it through diamond, and now patiently await the conclusion. (apparently the publisher thought that putting a couple months between issues 1 and 2 would help sales...?) anyway, it's good stuff and i urge(d) everybody to check it out.

so i knew jason could draw.

what i DIDN'T know was that jason was a damn fine storyteller too! and ambitious!
so when jason e'd me to tell me that he'd done one of those 24 hour comic book challenges, i was certainly impressed by his enthusiasm. when i saw the RESULT...i was completely floored!

okay, so the idea is that you, the artist, set aside a 24 hour period--that's 24 consecutive hours, kids--and, going in cold, with no pre-written script or sketches, write and draw a complete 24 page story.
i don't think i could do it.

but jason did and when he sent me a link, i immediately asked if i could post it here.

here are the first three pages and the link to where you can see the rest. do yourself a favor and check it out. i'm just in awe of what he was able to do in such a short time under such intense circumstances.

here's what he had to say when i asked him how he did it...

"Yeah, I managed to finish the 24 pages in just over 23 hours. It was quite a feat to make sure that I could get it to end on the 24th page. The hardest part of it though was the writing of it. I started the 24 hours with absolutely no preconceived ideas about story or characters. So all of it was made up on the fly. I used a few of the album titles of the cd's I was listening to to help spark some ideas as to where the story should go. As a matter of fact, the very first word of the comic is the title of the first album I listened to. :)

"It was about an hour per page but a few of the pages took less than that... page 22 took about 20 minutes... but the first 3-4 pages are scary because you don't really know what kind of pace you should be working at. Especially if you are making it up as you go and you don't have an ending all worked out. I spent a whack of time near the end just sitting there trying to come up with an ending. I almost thought I wasn't going to come up with an ending! Luckily, I figured it out in time to draw it. :)"

i'm amazed, jason...and you should be proud.
really great!

if you wanna tell jason what you think, or check out his blog and some of his other stuff, head on over to:

have a great weekend, all!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Amazing that he was able to do that in one day. Interesting story and great pacing.

Jason Copland said...

Kojee & Brian - The doing of the challenge was cool, but the nice response it's received from people is even cooler. Thanks for checking out my 24 hour comic and for the nice words!

Brian said...
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Brian said...

A Big Foot siting is being reported on the news this morning and it appears the big guy likes his venison.

"A man in Washington County said he saw something he couldn't explain -- something that may have resembled a yeti or Big foot.

Around 1 a.m. Thursday, Steven Krueger, as part of his job, was picking up a deer carcass on the side of the road.

After loading the deer onto the truck, Krueger said he saw what he described as a "large black animal, at least 7 feet tall and larger than a bear."
The beast took the deer.
Sheriff's deputies responded to the scene but haven't located the missing deer or mysterious creature."

todd said...

did they say what state?
i think every state has a washington county.
hope it's mine!
woo hoo!

Brian said...

I believe this one was in Wisconsin.