Wednesday, November 15, 2006

solicits: perhapanauts:second chances #3


as the rumble continues to reverberate around, well, my inbox and mike's website, about the tellos hardcover news i spilled the other night on augie's podcast, i'm gonna go ahead and continue posting the solicits for second chances 'cause i really don't know how to respond to all of the e-mails of congratulations and thank yous and it's-about-flippin'-times.

thank you to all of you who've let us know that this is a good thing.

now, onto the solicits for 3...

as you can see, i hadda do this one twice too. dave just felt that this first one was a little too out there. i can see that--could see it even before i sent it in--but thought it was worth a try, right? i originally wrote it with a font that duplicated, what i considered, a teenage girl's loopy, angsty scrawl. it just LOOKS funny. unfortunately, dave couldn't guarantee that they could duplicate it in previews just as i can't duplicate it here. sorry. take my word for it. it's funny.


(writer) todd dezago
(pencils&inks) craig rousseau
(color) rico renzi

Dear Diary,
I don ‘t know what I’m gonna do. I try and I try but I just can’t seem to get anyone to notice me. I don’t There are SO many comic books on the racks and they all look so pretty...prettier then me, anyway. All the popular books are so bright and colorful. And I can tell they laugh at me behind my back cover. Those books SUCK! Oh, I wish I could be like them, Diary. I wish I was popular. I wish someone would see me and want to pick me up and read me. What can I do?! How can I get them to NOTICE ME?!

Ps.OmiGOD! I think Truth, Justin, and the American Way is leaning toward me. What should I do? >he’s so cuuute!<


FC 32 pp $2.99

i then drew kind of a blank on what to do next, but soon found myself explaining the sitch to my good pal/hero/mentor/adoptive father, nick cardy

who gave me the following.


(writer) todd dezago
(pencils&inks) craig rousseau
(color) rico renzi

Have you ever written a story featuring a blood-thirsty Chupacabra, a Sasquatch, a Ghost, a Telepath, and a mysterious Outsider who work as agents for a vast secret organization dedicated to policing the borders of the unknown and protecting an unknowing populace from the strange and bizarre creatures that sporadically break through?
Well, we have and we think you should buy it.

Note: From optimum enjoyment, The Perhapanauts:Second Chances #3 is best read with a flashlight in a tent in your backyard on a dark summers night with a friend, a can of warm root beer and a bag of pretzel rods.
(Also, there is one mosquito in the tent.)
(And it is the size of a small dog.)

FC 32 pp $2.99

i added the note at the end.
to me, THAT'S the way to read a comic book!

(except for the mosquito.)

so that's it.
number 4 tomorrow.
smell ya later!


Brian said...

LOL, they should have run the initial one.

As for all the notes of congratulations on Tellos, do what Stan Lee would do - start taking deposits.

Brian said...

Update: Image refers to the Invincible Collections at "Ultimate Collections," so this should be the "Ultimate Tellos Collection, Vol. 1"