Thursday, November 23, 2006

kojee's letter


hope everybody had a great and grateful thanksgiving!
i also hope that you're making the most of the long weekend and spending some time resting and relaxing with family and friends.

for todays blog i wanted to give some credit where credit is due and give an extra special shout out to our pal, kojee.
here's why.

most of you have prob'ly tipped to the fact that i write alla the letters on the perhapanotes pages of the perhapanauts. those letters usually refer to an issue that never was. or never will be. (or WILL they...? : ) anyway, i try to use those letters to tell--or maybe a better term would be 'elude to'--stories that either wouldn't work well as a comic book story or reveal a little something extra about one or another of our players. i have a lotta fun doing them and wonder if anyone reads them.

back in january, inspired by the idea, brian mulcahy wrote to craig and i explaining how much he loved our 100th issue. the letter was a kick--you can see it in second chances 2--and craig and i got several good laughs out of it! i thought, we HAVE to share this, and then asked a few of our other regular perhapablog-pals if they would like to take a swing at it, building on the fun that brian had laid down. i asked jason copland, scott weinstein (who signed as b.clinton : ) and kojee/jared, our tellos friend from long ago. they all laid down some sweet sweet letter parodies and i loved them all. sent 'em in...

...only to find that, because of space, dark horse needed to cut one of the letters.
it was kojee's.
i felt terrible.
and so, here, for your edification and amusement, please enjoy kojee's letter on our glorious 100th issue!

Dear Perhapa-dudes,

Congrats on reaching 100 issues! I've been with the book since day one, and the story just keeps getting better and better! I was heartbroken over Choopie, but he died to save his friends, and the way he died only added to his character.

Sadly, I read online that Craig will be giving up pencilling duties after issue 110. I know he's busy with the Harry Johnson movie adaptation(loved Craig's cameo in the film!), but I'm still gonna miss his style. Is it true that Joe Mad is interested in taking over as artist?

As a big fan of the first Perhapanauts movie, I have to say, please, do not let Universal allow Angelina Jolie to walk out before film number two. Pay her whatever she wants. She fit Molly perfectly, despite what Todd wrote on his blog. Man, Todd starts dating Jessica Alba, and suddenly he's a film critic? Whatever....

Rock on!


thanks, kojee--for the awesome letter and for being so understanding!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!

i will point out that, while it's nice that everyone sees me attached to some very talented actresses in the future--and that scott remembered jennifer connelly...and her picture on my fridge...i am currently dating a very nice girl named sharon and am very happy where i am.
so jennifer, please stop calling.

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Brian said...

Hey Todd,

Thanks for sharing Koj's letter as it too was a hoot!

I was disappointed to hear that Craig would be leaving after Issue No. 110, but who knew that HBO would offer him his own series based his brief, but show stopping, appearance in the movie. We, his friends know what a funny and multi-talented guy he is, but I'm surprised to see that the folks at HBO, the same folks who passed on the 'Haps movie option, were able to recognize Craig's potential.

That's it for me, I've got to get back to work on my redraft of the C.R.I.C.K.E.T.S film script as it's due on Monday and you know how Steve and George can get if you're late.


P.S. Can you freaking believe that Clooney is considering playing Officer Mulcahy. My wife says if he takes the role that it's not cheating as long as he's in character. Oy Vey!