Thursday, November 30, 2006

from figaro, with love...


so WAAAAAY back when mike wieringo and i were doing tellos and collecting a good number of fans and friends on our website (we had a rockin' message board!), there were probably about 8 or 9 very frequent posters that soon became known to us as our tellos family. kojee, sus, xavier, maukingbird, figaro...they were a wonderfully positive, vocal bunch who, not only dug the comic, they dug each other and really supported one another in thier messages back and forth. with most of them, their names were all we knew of them, and what we knew of them from their letters to us and their messages to each other, and, over the years mike and i have only had a chance to meet a few of them "in real life" at conventions and such.

of course, regular readers of this blog will recognize kojee's name--he's stuck with me on the journey here to the perhapanauts (thanks, kojee!) and has helped out in ways i can't thank him enough for!

also lurking about--but not posting as much--maybe it's that stupid sign up to comment--i hate that figaro. our pal, john norris, is a composer by day, doing a lot of work with his church (and even put together a beautiful opening piece for our much dreamed on tellos movie...), but at night he takes on the guise of avid comics reader and reviewer. his column for comics in the classroom dot net is geared to guide teachers and parents toward comics that would be appropriate for their kids and hopefully fun for the whole family. he has been kind enough cover the perhapanauts in his travels and below is a link (or at least the web address) so that you can check it out yourselves!
thanks for the great coverage, fig--and for your never-ending enthusiasm!

also, news on the perhapanauts front is that issue 4 of second chances will be bumped a week due to shuffling going on at the printers for the holidays. so rather than a just-before-christmas gift, consider it a pre-new years treat!

well, i gotta go and write some funny books!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

Hey Todd,

The Darkhorse website currently has Issue No. 3 coming out right after Christmas on the 27th - though with the Monday Holiday, I'm sure the books will be out on Thursday that week - and the 4th Issue is listed for January 24th. Are those the new dates, or are they going to be pushed back a week?

Inquiring minds want to know?

todd said...

no, those are the new dates.
thanks for checkin'.

Brian said...

Well, I don't have to tell you the C.R. in C.R.I.C.K.E.T. stands for "Comics Recon."