Monday, November 13, 2006

solicits: perhapanauts:second chances #1


as promised, i'm gonna post the complete and uncut solicits for each of the four second chances books over the next four days. also as promised, these are the edited and/or unused (rejected) versions that, obviously, either ran long or just were too out there and dave (land, our awesome editor at dark horse) was astute enough to reel me in. in any case, they should be funny or at least fun and i hope you enjoy them.
unfortunately, today's--this first one--really isn't that funny. not at all actually. so you'll just have to take my word that the rest are a lot funnier and check them out tomorrow. and thursday. and friday.
anyway, here's the solicit for #1.

perhapanauts:second chances #1
(writer) todd dezago
(pencils&inks) craig rousseau
(color) rico renzi

They’re BACK! Still glowing from the heat of their first mind-numbing miniseries, those prowlers of the paranormal--The PERHAPANAUTS--are back to confront more creepy cryptozoological creatures and extradimensional entities! (No, the fact that the team is mostly made up of same mythic monsters isn’t lost on us…)
A Bigfoot, a chupacabra, a ghost, and a psychic, all agents for the enigmatic BEDLAM (Bureau of ExtraDimensional Liabilities and Management), tear it up as they continue the fight to keep us safe from the unseen horrors in our closets and the things that go bump in the night!
Don’t miss out! Join The Perhapanauts as they delve into the mysteries of the unknown and the unexplained and answer questions like why there’re more lines on your left palm than on your right!
Order yours today!
Also, stop looking at your hand.

FC 32 pp $2.99

really, there are two for issue 2 and they're better...
see ya tomorrow.

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Brian said...

Not laugh out loud funny, no, but a quality gotcha as I was about to look at my palms to check out the line count before I read the final sentence.