Monday, November 27, 2006

oh, so ya have some questions about the perhapanauts:second chances #2...?


apparently issue 2 of our current endeavor has prompted a whole mess a' questions and, while i absolutely LOVE getting your emails, myspace messages, and, in a few cases, phone calls, i, sadly, must also plead the fifith as far as the answers go. you don't REALLY want me to tell you who those two guys in the suv are...? or what it is that choopie told choopie? or why the cricket squad features a second-in-command who bears a strinking resemblance to a certain member of our perhapa-blog family here...? (well, actually, that one's easy--we really wanted to thank brian for all he's done in promoting the perhapanauts. and, also, we want to kill him in an upcoming issue.)

so, yes, there is lots going on. a lot more than in the first series. and yes, there are a lot of questions to be asked, but, patient. it will all make sense soon enough. (if you really MUST know, okay...'e' me and i'll letcha know what i can...i'm such a pushover...)

as far as news goes, craig just got done updating the perhapanauts website (if you didn't get here by going through that, check it out. it looks wonderful!)
the big news really though is that he's added a fan art/fan fic section where you are now welcomed and encouraged to share your perhapanaut-related drawings, comics, and/or stories with alla your perhapa-pals!! don't be shy--the more the merrier! we're dying to see your versions of our little gang and can't wait to read your short (or long) stories and see what kinda wackiness YOU can get them into! feel free! have fun!
we've already posted some pin-ups by don kelly, mek, and philippe and a great six-page 'haps comics story by my friend, jj muste!
send any submissions YOU might have to
and he'll get 'em up there as soon as possible!

also, i think my interview with MIKE WIERINGO in his volume of MODERN MASTERS is out this week! (at least, i THINK it is...i got a whole box of 'em yesterday...) so go get one and enjoy retrospect on the career and artwork of one of the best artists in comics today! (and yes, i can't wait 'til they let me do one on craig! woo hoo!)

i hope everybody had a great thanksgiving and that you made the most of relaxing over the long weekend. i did.

smell ya later!


Brian said...

Cool art in the fan section, but what is it about the Perhapanauts that makes people think Tentacles?

As for everyone's favorite new character, a certain member of the C.R.I.C.K.E.T. Unit, I thought you said "Spin Off," not "Kill Off."

Well, looks like Officer Brian will make it to at least Christmas as Issue No. 3 is scheduled to come out on December 27th (probably in stores on the 28th as Christmas falls on a Monday this year.)

That said, don't worry about Brian because, like all good security operatives, he's got a back-up plan.

Scott Weinstein said...

I love the new fan art section of the website. Great interactive fun.

And Todd, resist the urge. Don't give out spoilers. They are only for Ain't It Cool nerds, who forgot that the fun of serialized entertainment is being surprised week-to-week. Not being the "first to know."

That being said, I think the cast of Scrubs plays a pivitol role in this upcoming story.

Brian said...


Just read your story and all I can say is that Todd and Craig need look no further for a worthy successor.

I got a nice laugh out of the yo-yo joke at the beginning of the story and loved the way you brought the yo-yo back in as part of the surprise ending. Also, that final comment you had Choopie make at the end was worthy of Todd himself.

Keep up the great work.

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