Monday, November 13, 2006

solicitations and the bearwolf


well, as brian and i know--and maybe some of you have heard about it over the weekend--apparently there is SOME kind of mysterious creature lurking about in washington county out in wisconsin.
reports on friday claimed that a man working for the state and responsible for keeping the highways clear of roadkill carcasses (at night, no less!) reported seeing (a) bigfoot coming out of the woods and claiming a recently killed deer before the man could haul it away. later, it would turn out that the man NEVER used the term "bigfoot"--that was the news people making it viewer friendly--but that it was more of a "bearwolf" sort of thing, walking on two legs and standing close to seven feet tall.

illustration by linda godfrey

to follow the whole story here's the link to linda's blog that brian (mulcahy) hooked me up with.

i had read, thanks to jason copland, an account a while ago about the recurrent sightings of a wolf-like creature which locals have called "the bray road beast". and though i thought i'd posted that story and link at some point, i'm having some trouble tracking it down. is there a werewolf of some sorts stalking the forests of wisconsin? check it out...

that should give ya some creepy reading for a bit...

on then, to the next topic for discussion; for a long time now people have been telling me that i should collect the rather silly and/or sarcastic solicits that i write for each issue of the perhapanauts and put 'em in a sketchbook or something. 'cause they're--apparently--funny.
maybe i'll do that.
for now though, i thought i'd post them here this week, one or two each day. this is knida the director's cut as some of them had to be edited down for space and some were rejected completely by dark horse as being a little just too out there. that's okay...they were all fun to write.
here, then, for anyone who's interested, are the original solicits for issues 2, 3, and 4 of the first perhapanauts series.
smell ya later.

todd and craig’s
(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(b) rico renzi

Hey, perhapa-pals!--Todd Dezago here.
I really don’t want to date myself
but, y’know, I can remember a time
when there wasn’t any PREVIEWS. No solicitations,
no cover image, no three sentence encapsulation that
sorta dilutes the thrills of an upcoming story. Back then
the only way you knew what your hero was in store
for next month was on the last panel of this month’s
issue! Like; Next Issue: The Rhino!
It was enticing! It was exciting!
Don’t get me wrong--I love PREVIEWS--it’s a wonderful
publication. However, in honor of those bygone days, we here
at the perhapanauts will be using this space to introduce ourselves,
preview some awesome artwork, and maybe tell a few jokes.
Check back here next month for some of that kind of fun.

Oh, and please check out the perhapanauts #2 for a comic
that’s packed with adventure, chills, and excitement!
After all, we do it for you.

FC 32 pp $2.99

todd and craig’s
(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(b) rico renzi

In our continuing effort to NOT tell you what happens
in upcoming issues, today we field a letter from
one of our avid Readers.

Dear Perhapa-dudes,
Since the chupacabra originally
comes out of Latin-American folklore, shouldn’t
Choopie speak with an outrageous Mexican accent
like Speedy Gonzales?
“He like my seester, I theenk.”
It would be so much funnier like that.
Your numero uno amigo--
Davy Glasmer
Dengen’s Creek, Iowa

Dear Davy~
Good question.
And, no, it's not stupid at all...
But no.
While the legend of the goatsucker
does have it’s origins in Central American culture,
Choopie was just a blood-sucking beast when he was first
captured. It wasn’t until he was exposed to the Evolvo-Ray
that Choopie began to develop basic language skills.
He was then exposed to countless hours of American television.
That’s where he learned to talk.

Thanks for writing and don’t forget to order the perhapanauts #3.
It will be much better than this solicit.
And it’ll have pictures.
todd and craig

FC 32pp $2.99

todd and craig’s
(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(b) rico renzi

On sale February 15, FC 32pg. $2.99

A chupacabra, a sasquatch, and a ghost walk into a bar…

Okay, maybe not…

Hey, Perhapa-Pals! Todd and Craig here.
As we strive valiantly to continue NOT telling
you what’s coming up in upcoming issues, we
will say this about the perhapanauts #4.

It’s very good.


Trust us.

We’ve seen it and we think it’s one of the
most thrilling, pulse-pounding, senses-shattering,
low-in-calories, action-packed, sci-fi-slash-
adventure comics being offered this month,
from Dark Horse, on this page, by us.

Check it out and see if you don’t agree!

Order a perhapanauts #4 today--you’ll be glad you did!

more tomorrow!


Brian said...

todd and craig’s
The PERHAPANAUTS Vol. 2, # 5

(w) todd dezago
(a) craig rousseau
(b) rico renzi

On sale February 15, FC 32pg. $2.99

"Not to give too much away about our bonus 5th issue from the current 4 issue 'Haps mini, but suffice to say that hilarity ensues when Big's cousin, the Bearwolf of Wisconsin, comes for a visit and misunderstands Big's suggestion of having Choopie for dinner."

Brian said...

"I saw a Werewolf of Wisconsin down at the 7/11 drinking a pina colada slurpee, and his hair was perfect."

Read to the tune of "Werewolves of London" while picturing a very young Tom Cruise playing pool in "The Color of Money"

Brian said...
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todd said...

i was with ya until you mentioned tom cruise.
never say "the color of money"--i should,
but i really don't wanna associate that song with him. to me that was a song you had to have a beer in your hand to listen to.

and howl with your mates
at the appropriate parts.

Brian said...

I thought that scene with Tom cruise in "The Color of Money" and the scene in "My Best Friends Wedding" where the entire table breaks in to "I say a little pray for you," were amongst the best uses of songs in a film where the characters were aware of the songs.

But that thing with some buds and some beers sounds good to me.