Wednesday, November 22, 2006



perhapanauts:second chances #2 is on sale NOW!!

why don't you have one yet?

don't give me THAT lame excuse...! you get out there and GET ONE!

it's not gonna read itself, y'know.

perhapanauts:second chances #2 on sale now!

have a great thanksgiving!
see ya friday!

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Brian said...

Just finished Issue No. 2 and all I can say Bravo, Encore and Author, Author!

I laughed out loud at Choopie's line - I'm sure you know the one I mean - and then laughed out loud again when I got to the letter column. That B. Clinton from Chappaqua is one funny dude - friend of yours Todd? - and Jason was even funnier, though that is about as inside of a joke as one is ever likely to see.

As usual, a great job from the creative and two big thumbs up on your cameo appearance in the book. So, who will be playing you and Craig in the movie.