Saturday, December 16, 2006

happy holidays!!


while we have trivia hangin'--and probably more to come...everybody seems to like this--i DO want to take a moment to acknowledge the holidays and wish everyone a happy and a merry!
the lack of snow here in the northeast--and unseasonably warm weather--has made it a little more difficult to get into the spirit around here, but after doing some christmas shopping with my brother yesterday, i've found a little of it. in the faces of people in the stores, at the mall.
i know that sounds like a truly commercial and non-traditional place to find it, but after trying desperately--and futilely--to conjur up thoughts of love and kindness and brotherhood and peace on earth here at home, all i really had to do was go out into that crazy melee and keep my eyes open. people ARE kind if you look for it.
i saw a little girl, crying, seperated from her mom and scared, a sight that, these days, sadly, gives people pause for fear of "being a stranger" or of being accused of something far worse. but soon she was surrounded by a smiling group of well-meaning teenagers who gently comforted her and found her mom for her fast.
i saw people, who obviously didn't know each other, chatting, starting conversations as they stood in line, commenting on how great a gift that "20 Q" was, they got one for their nephew...
i saw a woman pass a toy off to someone else who was disappointed that there had only been one left.
'tis the season.
more than ever, take the time to smile. it IS contagious.
my mom used to say that christmas is the time when everyone acts the way they wish they did all year 'round.
that's gonna be my new years resolution. to get there and then keep it going.

so here are the answers to the questions from friday.
again, a lot of them got answered--but a couple not at all.

1. in what town did rob and laura petrie live on "the dick van dyke show"?

new rochelle ny

2. everyone knows that before ER george clooney guest-starred on "the facts of life" and "roseanne". what was the name of the short-lived sitcom he starred in?

scott got it! it was a very unfunny sitcom called ER!

3. who played the 2 darrins and why did the first one leave the show?

dick york and dick sargent. dick york left the show due to severe back problems.

4. who did the voices for tennessee tuxedo and inspector gadget?

get smart's don adams

5. what two recognizable characters are chiseled into the heiroglyphics above the ark of the covenant in "raiders of the lost ark"?

c-3po and r2-d2
wow! only colin got this!
congratulations, colin!
and i thought that this one was very common knowledge...

6. "who is zed?"

zed was played by peter greene, but everyone knows the real answer is "zed's dead, baby. zed's dead."

7. in her 70's hit song "lovin' you", what name does minnie ripperton sing over and over again at the end of the song? (scott--you're out on this one... : )

at the end of the song, she sings "maya, maya, maya, maya" for her daughter, maya rudolph, current cast memeber on saturday night live. now we know where maya gets that amazing voice.

8. on the cartoon "the ant and the aardvark" (the pink panther show) their voices--done beautifully by john byner--were imitations of what two actor/comics?

john did his impression of jackie mason for the aardvark and dean martin for the ant. now ya wanna watch one again, right?

9. what are the three rules that you must follow to own a mogwai?
oh, everybody got this one; 1.) keep out of bright lights--it hurts them. 2. don't get them wet. 3. NEVER feed them after midnight.

10. what were uma thurman's names in "kill bill"?
the three names they used to refer to uma's character were;
1. the bride
2. black mamba
3. beatrice kiddo
(those are the three that matter.
at the wedding she was called arlene
and in the final credits...mommy.)

we'll pick up with a new game in a week or so--so keep comin' back.

in the meantime, can i just take a second to gush over my pal/partner/artist/co-creator and tell you that craig is just knockin' 'em outta the park with these pages for issues 3 and 4?! i mean, i ALWAYS love seeing any artist bring my words to life and make our story happen, but i am just an IDIOT for the pages he's been sending over as things get crazier--and more intense--for our favorite paranormal team!! i print them out and carry them with me! sharon and i went out for sushi the other night and i made her order while i gazed lovingly and appreciatively at pages 2, 3, and 4 from issue 4. they're gorgeous! thanks, craig! these are beautiful! can't wait until everyone sees them!

so okay, i'm outta here.
go do your shopping. call your friends.

smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

My wife gave me that 20Q last year for Christmas. Very hard to actually beat it... It even got less-than-family-friendly things when I thought of those...!

Anyway, Merry Christmas!

Scott Weinstein said...

Happy Holidays to everyone!

And I had no idea about 3po and R2 on the "ark." Time to scan my DVD.


Brian said...

Merry, Merry and Happy, Happy to all and to all a good night.

As for the pages for issue 4, from your reaction I can just tell that those must be the pages showing the C.R.I.C.K.E.T Unit in action.

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!! Who's got two thumbs and knows their Indiana Jones?? This guy!!

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Xmas, Happy Chanukkah, Kwazy Kwanzaa and deeply respectful Ramadan. And let there be a Festivus for the restivus!!!

Brian said...

You forgot a Serene Solstice.