Friday, January 25, 2008

big on mars...!


so rich woodall hit me up with this first the other day, so rich, you win the race!
rich sent the video clip and i killed myself trying to find an image to post here on the blog!

rich was closely followed by leaf and scott in getting me further notification of the sighting and leaf was able to include a jpeg.
(see below)

scott and i shot jokes back and forth and talked about life and love in this 21st century...

so, here is the news...

bigfoot has been sighted on mars!

over on the perhapanauts forum i noted that this was all just more of the awesome publicity and promotion that IMAGE'S joe keatinge has put together for us and, man, what a great, great job!

anderson cooper even mentioned it on his show...
(see below)

i think it's awesome!

busy and wishing i had more time, but here's a cute cartoon sharon sent me the other day followed by the "five"...

"five for friday"

1. anatomy: bodily fluids; in what part of the human body would you find vitreous humor?

2. what popular cartoon character made his debut in the comic strip "thimble theater"?

3. which came first, wyatt earp or tombstone?

4. name the dogs in the following comics strips.

a. dennis the menace

b. hi and lois

c. beetle bailey

5. name the five states with directions in their names.

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Adam Hutch said...

1. The Eye
3. Tombstone
4. a. Ruff
5. North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina & West Virginia

Anonymous said...

That's so cool.
Itwould be so funny if Joe @ Image really had something to do with those pics.
Always liked the cartoon that Sharon sent. At one time I had it pinned to the board by my desk.

1. Eyeballs
3. Tombstone (I liked it better than the other one, too)
4. no idea, although Killer Diller was a bit of a 'dog' in Beetle Bailey
5. North & South Dakota, North & South Carolina, West Virginia

Colin said...

1. The brain

2. Popeye

3. Tombstone

4. a. dennis the menace - Ruff
b. hi and lois - Dunno
c. beetle bailey - Spike

5. North Dakota, South Dakota, North Carolina, South Carolina, West Virgina

Jadielady said...

Its not Bigfoot! Its a Tuskan Raider!!!

Brian said...

1. ?

2. Mickey Mouse?

3. Tombstone

4 ?

5. North and South Dakota and Carolina and West Virginia.

Brian said...

The Anderson Cooper thing is way cool, but I didn't see anything below related to it.