Monday, January 28, 2008

just another manic monday


having both deadline and computer problems...

so here are a coupla calvin and hobbes...

a cool seal story, submitted by our pal, mike/heywood--

here are the
answers to your

"five for friday"

1. anatomy: bodily fluids; in what part of the human body would you find vitreous humor?

the eye

2. what popular cartoon character made his debut in the comic strip "thimble theater"?


3. which came first, wyatt earp or tombstone?


4. name the dogs in the following comics strips.

a. dennis the menace


b. hi and lois


c. beetle bailey


5. name the five states with directions in their names.
north carolina
south carolina
north dakota
south dakota
west virginia

bonus monday question--

who recorded "manic monday"
who wrote it...?

gotta go
smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Um.... The Bangles... I think Prince wrote it... I think...

j said...

The bangles --- and Jamie Starr who is one of the minneapolis genius' alias --- here's one for you Mr Todd - who did he originally write it for?

Brian said...

The Bangles and I always assumed one or more of the gals in the band wrote it.

Christian D. Leaf said...

The Bangles sang it and I don't know who wrote it, so I'm gonna say, "Neil Diamond."

Good luck the computer issues.

todd said...

hey, j~

i know he wrote a couple of tunes for cyndi lauper, but before that...i dunno...

Matt Wieringo said...

I think johnraygun nailed it.

Love that Navy Seal.

That C&H cartoon made me laugh. I remember when Suzanne and I ate our way through about a dozen boxes of Cookie Crisp trying to get all of Mike's Spider-Man trading cards. We just couldn't manage it. Mike heard about it and just gave us his set. To this day, I can't even look at a box of that stuff.

j said...

In a long strange trip as his songs/girl of the months go - Prince wrote originally for Vanity 6 which began apollonia 6 when became tired of Vanity then pulled it when he became tried of apollonia then gave it to hsi infatuation at the time Susanna Hoffs - lead singer of the bangles --- another song originally for apollonia was then given to another prince made and the family was nothing compares to you which was eventually covered by everyone's favorite enemy of Frank Sinatra -- Sinead O'Connor - end of Minneapolis funk101 class dismissed

Anonymous said...

The Bangles (with Susanna Hoffs)

don't know who wrote it.

Anonymous said...

OK j-
I'm impressed.

Then it occurs to me that either you're a music trivia master (or freak),a gigantic fan of Prince,or you looked it up.

Anyway, I'm still impressed you had all that info.

and BTW- Susanna Hoffs, OH YEAH !

j said...

giant prince fan --- one of my underground secrets - --- well music in general - r&B and funk expecially