Friday, January 18, 2008


saw this on a bumper sticker the other day...

"those who say it cannot be done
shouldn't interrupt the people doing it."


crazy mish-mash of stuff today; some random pictures, a couple cool quotes, your "five for friday"... i'm kinda goin' free-from today and letting things just float around on their own. i think i'm gonna try to do that the entire weekend. i do that once in a while--especially after a long run of working hard to meet deadlines and keeping to schedule--just sit back a little from all that's going on around me and watch as things fall into place for themselves. it's amazing how many things you think need your constant attention will really just find their own solution or resolution if left alone.
so here's the mish-mash...

i invite you to throw in your own contributions to the mish-mash too.
post a quote or a joke or a little story in the comments section or send me a jpeg and i'll post it up on the blog.
(send it to

an aye aye named raz
no i've never seen one before either...

for christmas sharon's mom gave me a joke a day desk calendar. some of them are cute. some were really funny when i was in third grade. some of them are ancient corny, groaners that weren't even funny in vaudeville. but there are a couple good ones in there...

two young engineers applied for a single position at a computer company. they both had the same qualifications, so they were asked to take a test by the department manager.
in reviewing the test, the manager noticed that both men had been unable to answer only one of the ten questions.
the manager went to the first applicant and said, 'we've decided to give the job to the other applicant."
"if we both got nine answers correct," said the rejected applicant, "why did you pick him over me?"
the department manageer said, "we have based our decision on the question you missed."
"but why would his incorrect answer be better than mine?" the rejected applicant inquired.
"simple," said the department manager, "the other applicant put down 'i don't know.' you put down, 'neither do i.'"

looking forward to iron man~~

ha! love this one!
from our pal, adam!

some random randomness from roger ash!

Hi Todd,

Here’s some more randomness for your day.

“Never miss a good chance to shut up.” – Will Rogers (I love that quote.)

My friend Mary’s favorite bit of trivia – Yak milk is pink. The color is caused by blood in the milk.

and a calvin and hobbes--snowman spectacular from mike (heywood)!

"five for friday"

1. what british unit of measurement is equal to 14 pounds?

2. what band had hits with albums titled monster, reckoning, and fables of the reconstruction?

3. ganymede and europa are moons of what planet?

4. knife wielding housewife...?

5. famous parents, sibs, sons or daughters--


a. jamie lee curtis' father

b. vic morrow's daughter

c. jon voight's daughter

d. warren beatty's sister

e. jamie lee curtis' mother

f. emilio estevez's father

g. tommy smothers' brother

h. nicholas cage's cousin

i. jamie lee curtis' husband

j. candace bergen's two "uncles"

"i've had a perfectly wonderful evening.
but this wasn't it."
~groucho marx

gotta go!
have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

That joke, while corny, is amusing. Also like the bumper sticker. Good luck with them deadlines, too, Todd.

Here's a little quote I've always enjoyed:
"An intellectual is someone who says something simple in a complex way. An artist is someone who says something complex in a simple way."

The Fiver:
1. Stone
2. R.E.M.
3. Jupiter
4. ...walks into a bar? Or Lorena Bobbit
5a. Tony Curtis
5b. Dunno
5c. Angelina Jolie
5d. Dunno
5e. Tippi Hepburn? (Lady in THE BIRDS, whoever she is.)
5f. Martin Sheen
5g. Dave Smothers?
5h. Coppola?
5i. Christopher Guest
5j. Dunno

Adam Hutch said...

That joke was pretty good. For quotes, I always go with my guru, Raplh Wiggum:
"My Cat's breath smells like cat food."
"Then the doctor told me both my eyes were lazy, and that's why it was the best summer ever!"

I did pretty well on 5 fer this week:
1. 1 Stone is equal to 14 lbs.
2. REM
3. Jupiter
4. Lorana Bobbit
a. Tony Curtis, c. Angelina Jolie, e. Janet Leigh, f. Martin Sheen, g. Dick Smothers, h. Sophia Coppola

Colin said...

1. 1 stone

2. Pearl Jam

3. Jupiter

4. huh?

a. Tony Curtis

b. dunno

c. Angelina Jolie

d. Shirley MacLaine

e. Janet Leigh

f. Martin Sheen

g. dunno

h. Sofia Coppola

i. Christopher Guest

j. dunno

portalcomics said...

ok, here's my answers...

1. I believe the Brits use a "stone" as measurement

2. REM

3. Jupiter

4. Lorena Bobbit (OUCH!)

5a. Tony Curtis (Jamie Lee Curtis' father)
5b. ??? (Vic Morrow's daughter)
5c. Angelina Jolie (Jon Voight's daughter)
5d. Shirley Maclaine (Warren Beatty's sister)
5e. Janet Leigh (JLC's mother)
5f. Martin Sheen (Emilio Estevez' father)
5g. Dick Smothers (Tommy Smothers' brother)
5h. Sophia Coppola (Nic Cage's cousin)
5i. Christopher Guest (JLC's husband)
5j. Victor Bergen and Charlie McCarthy (Candace Bergen's "Uncles")

**bonus** another of Nic Cage's cousins is Jason Schwartzman (Rushmore, I Heart Huckabees), his mother is Nic's aunt Talia Shire, the sister of Nic's uncle Francis Ford Coppola!

Brian said...

1. Stone

2. R.E.M.

3. Saturn

4. Lorena Bobbit?


A. Tony Curtis


C. Angelina Jolie

D. Shirley Maclaine

E. Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy

F. Martin Sheen

G. Dick Smothers

H. Sophia Coppala

I. He was on Saturday Night Live and I've never liked any of his movies as much as the critics did, but the name escapes me.


Brian said...

Opps, the answer for E should be blank and the answer I have there should be after J.

My favorite quote along the lines of the one you put up is.

"If you think you can't, you're sure to prove yourself right."

Anonymous said...

Cool quote.
Though I've never seen one of those creatures before, I have seen (a handmade) something like it (in puppet form) at a RenFest.
Like the Joke.
Calvin & Hobbes, long time favorite.
Love the "Batman law & order"

The 5er
3. Jupiter

5.a. Tony Curtis
c. Angelina Jolie
e. can't remember
f. Martin Sheen (Charlie is his brother)
h. Don't know (but I know Nick's got a Hollywood royalty name).

That's all I've got.

Have a great weekend !

Matt Wieringo said...

This bumper sticker made me and Suzanne laugh when we really, really needed to. I thought it was the greatest thing I'd ever seen until the sentiment started showing up everywhere I looked. Now I wonder what it's from and how I missed it:

"Don't mess with dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup."

renecarol said...

You know without having read your blog today I was trying to remember how big a stone was earlier. Thinking about England - and how annoying it is that everyone tells you their weight in stones. Like your supposed to know what I weigh 8 stones means. So I knew number 1. I think its the first one I've known. Well and I knew REM too but that was second.

Oh that little animal is adorable. I've never seen one either.

Christian D. Leaf said...

Angie gets a huge kick out of that Dragon bumper sticker, too, Mafus. I see it about everyday on this blue Beetle on the way to work. No idea what the back story on it is, but it is amusing.

Another favorite bumper sticker of mine is: Republicans for Voldemort. (There's a Stars Wars version substituting Palpatine, but He Who Must Not Be Named is the best.)

renecarol said...

I like the "Jesus Loves You/Everyone Else..." bumper sticker. That'd be kinda crude don't ya think. Somebody might hurt my car.

Anonymous said...

Hey Matt-
I like that dragon bumper sticker, too.
Wouldn't know the backstory, but I can almost hear Sean Connery's voice in "Dragonheart" saying it. :0)

Heywood Jablomie said...

I'm from an area of New Jersey where there are a lot of, what you'd call, 'redneck' types, while also being near the shore where we have some ritzier types. But I had a bumper sticker that used to say: 'Discourage inbreeding, ban country music'. It didn't get to last long on my car before some people really got pissed when I'd go to the stores and have to get out of my car.

As for the fiver:
1. Stone
2. R.E.M.
3. Jupiter
4. Lorena Bobbitt?
5. a. Tony Curtis
b. ?????
c. Angelina Jolie
d. ?????
e. ?????
f. Martin Sheen
g. ??????
h. The coppola's
i. ?????
j. ??????

Heywood Jablomie said...


I had the 'Jesus Loves You...' sticker on my car and that one always went over great. I saw two the other day that made me laugh as well, they said: 'I'm only speeding cuz I really have to poop' & 'Practice safe sex-go F@#$ yourself'.

While rather blatant and crude they made me laugh so hard I almost crashed.

todd said...

i used to have
"mean people suck"
on my bumper with the follow up
"no, you suck, signed the mean people"
positioned slightly over it.
when i was going to go on a field trip with my then 8 year old nephew--who had always thought that it was super cool--he got all anxious about his teacher seeing it and made me take it off...
he also made me take off the
happy bunny window cling that said
"you suck and that's sad".
man, kids...

Heywood Jablomie said...


hahaha yeah i used to have the mean people suck one too, but i used to keep it on one of my sketchbooks. that little bunny guy has a ton of really great stickers. i still have a bunch somewhere. i'll have to did them out now!

Jadielady said...

Hey man, got these in an email and thought you might find them as hilarious as I did... didn't know an email address to send them to you so - here ya go :)