Monday, March 17, 2008

flying saucers when i was a kid...


this would be an awesome house to live in!

This 'flying saucer' house, pictured on the side of Signal Mountain in Chattanooga, Tenn., Tuesday, March 11, 2008, will go up for auction on Saturday. The buyer needs a fascination for outer space, tolerance for gawkers and at least $100,000. Built by the late Curtis W. King in 1970, the circular house has multiple levels, three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an entrance staircase that lowers and retracts with the push of a button. (AP/Photo Mark Gilliland)


a couple of years ago, mike and i challenged each other to get on myspace, i can't really tell you why at the moment, but we did it and then watched as a stream of people we didn't know sent us messages asking to be our "friends." not because they knew us from comics or anything, that's just how it works.
we each posted pictures from tellos on our main page, thinking that that would be cool and hopefully get people interested in buying the (then) upcoming hardcover. then mike posted some silly sketch he did, and i posted a photo of my dog, jake. he posted a beautiful sketch he had done and i posted one of craig's perhapanauts covers.
then mike blew the doors off of this fun little game by posting a series of photos of himself as a kid growing up that he had found one weekend while visiting at his folks house.
i don't care who you are, old pictures of your best friend are hilarious.
so after this sweet run of his school pictures and prom pictures and the obligatory graduation shot, he begged me to post some of mine! fair's fair. only i didn't have a good scanner. that's not quite right, i didn't have a scanner at all.
i got myself one, however, this year for christmas and then stupidly told some people that i would finally get few of these (incriminating) pictures scanned and up on my myspace page.
they have been relentless in reminding me.

so here's the first. me at five.

i imagine it explains a lot...


speaking of myspace, though, i HAVE made lots of on-line friends over there and have been fortunate enough to connect with some really interesting comic book people!
one of those is wiffleball tony, formerly spacedog2k5, who was kind enough to send us a link to his cool blog and review of the still-knockin'-'em-dead-in-peoria PERHAPANAUTS ANNUAL! head on over and take a look!

thanks, tony! we appreciate the kind words and the glowing recommendation!


oh, yeah...
and here are the answers to the

"five for friday"

1. what was the name of his aboriginal companion in daniel defoe's robinson crusoe?


2. what william golding novel served as a study of human civilization and featured a group of boys on an island with a conch shell?
(extra bonus question: what did the shell symbolize?)
(nah--i'm just messin' with ya...)

lord of the flies

3. what was the name of the volleyball in the tom hanks film, castaway?


4. what is hurly's real name on lost?

hugo reyes

5. name the seven stranded castaways here on gilligan's isle.
oh, and their real names...

a. giligan (bob denver)

b. skipper (alan hale jr.)

c. thurston howell III (jim backus)

d. lovey howell (natalie schafer)

e. ginger grant (tina louise)

f. professor roy hinkley (russell johnson)

g. mary anne summers (dawn wells)

extra credit if you knew
these full names

gilligan--william "willie" gilligan
skipper--jonas grumby

gotta go!
smell ya later!

i can't believe i totally forgot st.patrick's day!
and i'm not irish at all...!
(but i like the green beer...! )
here's how christian reminded me over on the perhapanauts forum!

thanks, christian!
awesome choopie!
you're the best!
happy st.patrick's day everyone!


alison said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day to all - enjoy it as you will. Your Coopie is perfect for the day, Christian. :-)

t - I love the photo- you were sooooo cute - and blonde(ish)! Guess we were all fairer back in the day, though. Bet your Halloween costumes were a series of super heroes - oh, wait, the date is June - um, so, I guess this was just your typical summer wear?

Christian D. Leaf said...

If we hadn't just bought a house I'd be tempted to bid on that Saucer Chal├ęt. Reminds me of this house in Rockford that was kind of a Hobbit Hole as it was covered in earth and grass except for the front. We always joked that you had to mow your roof.

Excellent picture and costume, Todd. Kind of a towhead back then, eh?

Heywood Jablomie said...

Happy Erin Go Bra-less to you too!

I love that house, it's frikkin sweet!

And yeah, pictures from childhood are always hilarious to share!

Brian said...

Who knew that Choopie was Irish.

Yesterday was the big parade in South Boston so things are a lot more low key and sober around here today.

Today is "Evacuation Day," one of those "just in Boston" holidays that ostensibly celebrates Gen. Washington driving the British out of Boston, but is generally considered just a very clever move by Irish politicians to get St. Patrick's Day off.

Interestingly enough, the very event, Evacuation Day, was covered in HBO's "John Adams" mini-series that was on last night. An interesting view of the events that shaped this country through the eyes of one of the founding fathers and his family.

Matt Wieringo said...

Funny, but Choopie looks like he's in his environment in that pic. That's a great drawing, Leaf. The hat kind of creeps me out though. With Choopie's crest sticking out, it reminds me of a Maplethorpe photo I saw once...

Anonymous said...

Cool house.
Ok, old kid pics are always good for a laugh.

Looks like I misread the last 5er question, thought you wanted their characters full names. I probably would have remembered some of the actors' names.

FYI-I always remember St Pat's cause it's the anniversary of my coming to this "awesomest" country.
Irish in me heart, if not in me accent(HaHa).