Friday, March 07, 2008

ladies and gentlemen--rico renzi!!


well, as craig posted below, the full color art adams cover for perhapanauts #1 is proudly on "first look" display over at newsarama! you can check it out for yourself by going to

a lot of people "oooh'd" and "aaaah'd" over the cover, and rightly so--art really outdid himself with this and i am still mesmerized by it whenever it look at it--but let's talk about rico.

rico is an amazing colorist and a very talented artist as well. we all saw the incredible detail that art put into that cover and i'm sure that, in preparing to lay down the hues, it was a little bit daunting.

over the years that we've worked together, i have been stunned again and again by rico's eye, by his color choices, and his ability to make things pop or blend things in. he and craig actually pulled off something that i didn't think was possiblein comics back in perhapanauts (first blood) #4 and then again in second chances #1 when he made the aswang's eyes actually glow and made a character truly disappear into the shadows...
i've said for years that craig is one of the most underrated artists in comics. certainly rico, too, is one of the most underrated colorists in the business and, while colorists are often overlooked in the grand scheme of things--his name was even excluded from our solicit copy--i just wanted everyone to take a look at what he does for us in each and every issue and give him the credit--and props--he properly deserves!
fantastic job, rico!
thanks for all you do!
this book would not be the same without you!


so craig teased you with the cover to perhapanauts #3, so i guess i'd better put it up...
(i was gonna save it for monday, but...)

the solicit reads like this

Todd Dezago-–Story
Craig Rousseau--Pencils,
Inks, and Cover
Rico Renzi--Colors

32 Pages
June 4

"Big Secrets"
Triangle--Part 3
It is the veritable Calm before the Storm
as secrets continue to be revealed about
ALL of your favorite BEDLAM Agents!
Big and The Merrow travel to the UK to get
some answers as Choopie tries to cope with
the unseen responsibilities of being a King!
Also, The Mothmen tip to what went on back
in the Bermuda Triangle--and they are NOT pleased...!

the cover looks like


and here are your

"five for friday"

1. what spider-man villain originally appeared as indy's guide in the classic opening to raiders of the lost ark?

2. who was the only actor to appear in both the film and television versions of mash?

3. what david bowie song is quoted at the beginning of the breakfast club?

4. h2o is water? what is h2o2?

5. who played the devil in each of the following films?

a. witches of eastwick
b. legend
c. angelheart
d. needful things
e. the devil's advocate

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


Christian D. Leaf said...

Yup, Rico knocked that cover out of the park and into the next sport. A tip of the hat to you, good sir.

Issue #3 sounds like a definite winner, but it's not like I really had to tell you that, Todd.

Onto the Fiver:
1. Doctor Octopus (Molina, I think is his last name.)
2. I'm gonna guess Jamie Farr
3. No idea
4. Hydrogen Peroxide
5a. Nicholson
5b. Curry
5c. DeNiro
5d. Von Sydow
5e. Pacino

Have a good weekend everyone.

Unknown said...

1. Alfred "Doctor Octopus" Molina

2. Gary "Shares My Birthday" Berghoff

3. Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Changes

4. Why that would be one hydrogen peroxide.

5. who played the devil in each of the following films?

a. witches of eastwick: Jack Nicholson
b. legend: Tim Curry
c. angelheart: Robert Dinero
d. needful things: Max "Well, these things happen." Von Sydow
e. the devil's advocate: Al Pacino

Brian said...

I agree, Rico is a big part of the Perhapanauts.

As for the cover to number three, Wow. Big and Merrow at Stonehendge, she is fast becoming my new favorite.

Lets see now.

1. Nothing and an "Oh, my god" moment when I saw the answer.

2. The guy who played Radar.

3. "Young Americans" (wild guess)

4. More water (sorry, didn't take chemistry in high school, studied ancient greek instead.)


a. Jack Nicholson
b. Tim Curry
c. Robert DeNiro
d. Armin Mueller-Stahl
e. Al "Boy This Scenery Tastes Good" Pachino

alison said...

oooo, all the pretty colors - yes, Rico is an artiste - with the colors almost being like another character - sometimes wonderfully in your face (as you said, popping) and at other times, unnoticeable but definitely a part of the whole scheme of things (blending). (just had a momentary cousin vinny chuckle - yeah, we blend.) And, just what color is Choopie, anyway - I felt like my eye was fritzing out trying to mix pencil colors - he's greenish, no greyish, no wait, brown and green seem to be working, um, maybe throwing down a bit of purple will do the trick...

Oh, and I've been waiting for the follow up of Choop as king - so glad you are revisiting that thread.

Anonymous said...

My hats off to Rico.
I agree that his colors are awesome.

for the 5er:
1. Doc Oct
2. ?
3. ?
4. hydrogen peroxide
5a. Jack Nicholson
5b. Tim Curry
5c. Deniro
5d. ?
5e. Pacino?

Matt Wieringo said...

Love that cover to #3! The 'Haps look like nothing else on the stands. Craig and Rico make a great art team. (I'd love to have seen Rico's face when he opened up that Art Adams cover. "You want me to...NOOOOOOO!")

Everybody beat me to the five-for-Friday. Ya snooze ya lose around here.

Heywood Jablomie said...

Man these covers just get better and better!! Great job! And I agree as well, I don't think the 'Haps would be the same without Rico on the job.

Here's my fiver-fer even if they are late!

1. Alfred ‘Doc Ock’ Molina-man did he die fast! hahahaha

2. Dunno

3. Gots me

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

5. a. Jack Nicholson
b. Tim Curry
c. Robert DeNiro
d. Max’Ming The Merciless’ Von Sydow
e. Al Pacino

rico said...

Thanks for all the love guys! Back into my hole I go finish Haps ish #1 (again).

craig rousseau said...

hey, who told rico he could come out of his hole?!?!

todd, was that YOU?! i know I didn't!

darnit, rico, get back in your hole!

renecarol said...

craig - you are too funny.

That is a very sweet looking cover.