Monday, March 03, 2008

we're looking for a few good artists...!


we're looking for a few good artists...!

one of the main things craig and i had asked kieran to do when he redesigned the website was to give us a bigger, more inviting place where we could share artwork or photos or any kind of images featuring the perhapanauts! i've said it time and time again, but craig and i LOVE to see other people's renditions of our "kids"--and we have seen some really wonderful, and really...let's call them creative versions of the team!


we've received a buncha wonderful letters and e-mails from a buncha up and coming artists like alex brown and over on the perhapanauts forum (simply click "forum" at the top of this page), our pal, don kelly, has thrown out the challenge for a perhapanauts art jam! well, done, man!

so let's make it OFFICIAL!
we're calling out for any and all of you talented and creative people to show us your best! get out your pencils, your markers, your crayons, your paints...! how about clay or sculpy or whatever you wanna use to make some kind of perhapanaut-y sculpture thing! you name it! let your imaginations run wild!

don't draw? how about a short story or script? perhapa-fan emeritus's (emerituses? emeriti...?) bryan mulcahy and alison martin have each posted their own perhapanauts stories here! we'll be creating an all-new fan-fic section for those as well!

this isn't a contest! there are no prizes! craig and i don't feel that any artwork should ever be judged or compared to another.
your are all artists and we enjoy and appreciate everything you do and put into it.

so get out there and get going!

our e-mails are always up there in the "contact us" section above, but here they are again anyway...

send in your scans and your photos and we'll get them up there!
have fun--and thanks!


if i posted this before, i'm sorry.
i looked to see if i had, but couldn't find it.
i thought it was pretty funny.


and here are the
answers to your

"five for friday"

1. what popular mystery writer, who just published her 20th novel, titles her books alphabetically?

sue grafton

2. what comic book featured a dog and a rabbit who were private detectives and who occasionally forgot which was which?

sam and max

3. what is the term used for the act of turning a liquid into a gas?


4. h2o is water. what is h3o better known as?


5. who was lancelot link?

secret chimp--a 1970's saturday morning get smart/james bond satire acted out by monkeys

special knock-yourself-out bonus

~ name any seven popular and/or recurring characters from any of saturday night live's 32 seasons.

a. i'm sure that
b. you all did
c. a good job
d. with this.
e. i'm not going
f. to list them
g. all...

hope ya dug 'em!
smell ya later!


snow can be fun, romantic, beautiful, amazing...

but i'm sick of it.


Brian said...

When it is just a couple of inches of the white and fluffy stuff right before Christmas, there is nothing more magical, but when it starts creeping over the top of the post boxes on the side of the road, like the folks in Northern New England and upstate New York have been getting, well it is anything but magical.

Hang in there Todd and Bill, it's March and spring is just around the corner.

Christian D. Leaf said...

You sound like my mom on the snow bit, Todd. They're approaching "cabin fever" type status up there. Meanwhile it's gonna in the low 70's today...

I've been toying with a Choopie drawing idea, so maybe I'll get off me arse and do it now. Really like that woodprint piece, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna draw...yep!
I have been doodling the Perhap-ers all over the place...think I might have turned some work in with choopie on the back...but I think I'll get serious and throw some lead down...gotta theme as well...heh...a theme...feel like I'm in the Christmas Story....

It was 78 yesterday here, now it's 29 with talk of more snow and freezing rain...mother nature is making sure my sinuses stay...what's the word I'm looking for?
Eh, probably not appropriate for this board...

renecarol said...

woo hoo and 75 tomorrow. Its going to be get cold (like 50ish) this weekend for Lexie's birthday. It was cold last year on her birthday too. But I am getting out tomorrow and enjoying the warm especially since I didn't get to today.
Can't wait to see everybody's artwork. I ought to not be lazy & share - I have a birthday party to plan so I'll prolly be lazy otherwise.

Adam Hutch said...

50 degrees and sunny yesterday and 35 with freezing rain and snow today. YIPEE, oh wait...

Can't wait to see everybody's 'haps drawings. Especially looking forward to the jam piece.

alison said...

I wish I could draw - I can see scenes so vividly in my head and like to think I can articulate them well with words on paper, but I like to draw, gosh darn it all - only thing is my creations mostly end up looking like a drunken first grader did them - not so pretty. Yet one more reason that we shouldn't advocate boozing up the tots. I am really looking forward to see what everyone else comes up with, though.

Todd, Who did the artwork you included in your post? Also, sorry you are bumming on the snow (ahem cough whiner), but just remember there are some of us who are woefully deprived of that fun, romantic, beautiful, and amazing white stuff. All we have is sun, sun, sun day after day, the same damn thing, look outside, yep, it's sun again, put on the shorts and tee, suffer the balmy weather, day after day after day. Welp, like they say, when life gives you lemons, go out to the tree in the front yard, pick a few off, and squeeze up some fresh lemonade - yet one more day.