Wednesday, March 05, 2008

more art!


well, i need to be quick today.

as we put the finishing touches on issue 1 of the all-new, all-different (i'm still reading my uncanny x-men omnibus) PERHAPANAUTS, we find that there WILL be more art in many ways!

first off, art adams has okayed us showing y'all his sweet sketch/designs that he did in preparation for his stunning cover! i always find it both fascinating and amazing to get a chance to see the thought process and the creativity and the magic that goes on in sketches and such. these look cool.

also, since we have so many extra pages that we're allowed to fill--and craig and i really wanna make sure you get your money's worth ut of every issue of the perhapanauts--we'll be featuring some sweet perhapanauts pin-ups and back-up stories in every issue featuring some of our very talented friends from in and out of comics! our first issue boasts a fun two pager by our pal, dave tata, called "choopie goes to church." don't miss it!

we've got lots of bonus stories and features planned for this book and i promise you won't be disappointed!


our call for artists has already gotten some people revved up over on the perhapanauts forum; some of us are setting a deadline for ourselves (no pressure!) to keep ourselves honest and on schedule. feel free to stop on over and add your name to the growing list! it's fun!

our first piece sent in, our own rene carrol 'e'd me her "choopie doodle"

great job, rene! thanks so much for the great sketch--and for breaking the ice! now EVERYBODY can start sending their pics in...!


in the comments to the last post, alison asked who had drawn the pieces i posted. my apologies for not including those names. i'd intended to--the blog just got away from me.
they are

mark zanini--arisa, mg, big, and the dover demon in the study
don kelly--big and the serpent
philippe scherding--choopie/nosferatu

and here's another cool pic i found that our boy, brian mulcahy had done by scott wegener (currently having a blast on "atomic robot"!) to illustrate brian's 'haps story, "down in the dumps".

give ya some ideas? know what you're going to draw?
we can't wait to see it!

that's it for me!
smell ya later!


Heywood Jablomie said...

nice job rene! i'm kinda feeling the pressure now as well as feeling a little intimidated. but i'm gonna try to do my best and hope it doesn't blow!

Adam Hutch said...

Great doodle Rene. All this talk about the jam and stuff is making me wish I could draw. Keep it coming guys.

alison said...

nice choop, rene.

t and c - looking forward to the extra pages - isn't it nice to have room to stretch and grow! :-)

Christian D. Leaf said...

Nicely done, Rene.

I've got a Choopie idea kicking around. Hopefully I can get off me arse and draw it in a timely manner.

renecarol said...

Thanks. It didn't look so bad about 3 inches tall. But Lexie wanted to color it so I printed it out for her (in full letter size) and found all kinds of things wrong with it. I prolly won't try to 'fix' it. I never claimed to be any good anyway. Can't wait to see others.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these.
That Choopie looks so cool.
After the little one finishes coloring it , you should send it in also.

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