Wednesday, March 12, 2008

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running around again today--so much to do.
have plenty of things that i COULD write about, but thought that, since this blog hasn't been too spooky lately, i'd "borrow" another cool story from your true tales
sleepy and trying to work last night, i tripped over to paranormal@about and read over a couple of the entries and this one woke me up good! maybe it's 'cause i was tired and maybe it was because something very similar happened to me and a friend about 15 years ago--a very, very long back road that seemed to go on much longer than it should have--COULD HAVE!!--and such an odd and eerie feeling while driving over it. sections that seemed to change season as we drove through. and places where we definitely felt watched...

here's the story.

Your True Tales
March 2008 - Page 6

Mysterious Looped Road
by DirtRoadEnthusiast

In high school (I graduated in 2002), my best friend and I enjoyed driving around the country roads of Missouri at night, exploring the veritable wilderness and always trying to find roads we'd never been down before. The seasoned Missouri traveler will know that there are several species of gravel road. There is the road, the drive, the lane, and the loop, and the designation isn't cosmetic. For instance, a loop is a gravel road that connects to another road on both ends, as in a loop. A drive is like a very long dead end street, etc.

One night, my friend I were driving down a dirt road that teed off with another, and there across the road was the biggest tree I have personally ever seen in Missouri. We turned left and after a while came to a paved road, and turned right. We didn't put much stock in paved roads, and the next gravel road we came to, we turned down, which was on right, or back the way we'd come basically. After a while, we saw the big tree again and the road that teed with the one we were on and realized that we were on a loop. So we ended up back on the paved road again, and in some frustration, decided to turn around and go back to the road that teed with the loop, because back that way we'd seen some other gravel roads we might explore.

Only we never found the road, or the tree, but instead ended up back on the other end of the loop. By this time we were going batty, turned around once again, and viola! there was the tree and the road. Bemused, we returned to this loop in the daytime, and discovered that if you went down it one way, you could fine the tree and the road, but not if you went down it the other way. We even took other friends there from time to time to show off our latest discovery. No one could ever figure it out.

This was the same road that my friend and I got out of the car one night and snuck down into a little creek bottom. There were these little green lights everywhere. We were terrified until we managed to catch one and found that it was some kind of little beetle with lights along its sides that lived in the water. It looked like a miniature trilobite. We took one home in a film canister, but never managed to identify it with any book or website.

so, got a story of your own...?

and if you have some time, stop over at and check out the other your true tales submissions for this month.
some of them are reeeeeeeallly creepy...!

smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Man, I thought I was going to have to look over my shoulder while on rounds tonight...wew!

Good story, cannot say I had that kind of experience, but those kind of stories seem to pour out of that state...makes you think...

In Missouri, there is a road called Devil's Road, at which, one could meet the devil...alot of "strange" occurances happen there, most describe a ball of light chasing you down the road(direction does not matter, nor do you have to be in a vehicle of any sorts).
Now, there was a story from this road on which multiple witnesses witnessed a woman screaming down the street, and dissappear into a brush not far from the gatherers. They never found the woman again...

Wish I could remember the source of that story...

Roads have been soaked with the paranormal/folklore ever since the first road was made.

Matt Wieringo said...

Hi! It's Squeeze here. I can't get logged in on my account so I'm using Matt's for now.

So I thought that was a lovely picture of a beautiful country road- then I read the story and now the picture looks like a eerie, weird country back road that would swallow up a person and no one would ever know it.
Probably doesn't help that it's 3am and I can't sleep. Plus I can here the neighborhood owl outside 'hoo'ing loudly. Then he gave some really weird bird screaming sounds - sounded prehistoric to be honest. Would love it if you could send the Blue or Red Team down to investigate so I can get back to sleep. ;-)

Charlie and Toonces say 'Hi'!

Matt Wieringo said...

Still Squeeze here- And I can't spell. Should read "Plus I can HEAR the neighborhood owl......."

I can't wait for more 'haps! I love love love this book and not just because I love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story & picture.

Thanks for posting.

Brian said...

Actually, Squeeze, here for hear at 3 a.m. is, as they say, close enough for government work.

Good to hear Charlie and Toonces are hanging in there.