Tuesday, May 13, 2008

back from seattle!


well, we're back from seattle and the show was great! met a LOT of really nice people and hopefully found ourselves a few new PERHAPANAUTS fans! craig and i talked to a LOT of people at the show and if you're one of them and you took us up on our invite to check out the site (and the blog!), please let us know whatcha think of it...and the new issue!

while the trip out (and back!) was a nightmare for me (delayed flights, missed connecting flights, 8 hour wiat for the next flight out...), the show itself was big fun and, in addition to meeting so many really nice folks, craig and i got to hang out with pals like karl kesel and jeff parker, we got to meet new friends, like paul tobin, writer of marvel adventures fantastic four, colleen coover, artist on jeff's x-men: first class, matt maxwell, writer/creator of the werewolf/western strangeways, david hahn, artist on marvel adventures fantastic four, and alex and andy who own a comic shop that, beacuse of all the beers we were drinking, i can't remember the name of. sorry,guys...

brian and bill were there also, brian helping with the table when he wasn't following up on his commissioned sketches (he scored some really beautiful stuff!) and bill helping as a shill in the aisle when he happened to be passing by. : )

besides being a really nice show, the organizers treated all of their guests to some fine accommodations. the hotel rooms were especially gorgeous, inspiring craig to launch himself onto one of the cloud-like beds as soon as we got in the door--

here's us with our pal, jeff parker, playin' it cool!

here's the table staff in an exclusive photo...

and the same shot from brian's camera which somehow magically gifts one person in the photo with sunglasses! i dunno how it works, i just know it was craig's turn...

thanks to all of you who came out to see us and support the haps and we really hope you'll join our perhapa-family!


here's a picture of a pinata.

pinata's are fun!
adopt one today!


the answers to your

"five for friday"

1. how many feet of wire is in a slinky?


2. what is the band steely dan named after?

a dildo from the william burroughs novel, naked lunch

3. in what town could you buy your comics at the android's dungeon?


4. how did attila the hun die?

a nosebleed that wouldn't stop (on his wedding night no less...)

5. what famous candy bar was named after it's inventor's horse?


smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

Great seeing you guys! Sorry about your travel nightmares, Todd, but I agree that Seattle and the con were both awesome. I'm definitely planning to head back in '09!

Scott Weinstein said...

Sounds like the con was fun.

But that picture does look like Craig is "presenting himself" to you. I fear for Charlotte.

Christian D. Leaf said...

I agree with Scott. Craig does kinda have a "Be gentle it's my first time" look in that picture. Glad the trip was a success even though the travel part didn't seem to pan out so much for you.

The sunglass camera thing is strange. Would've been boss if they were Grouch Glasses.

I'd adopt a pinata, but I'd be afraid mini-Ulysses and his mini-crew would sneak out at night and mini-get me. Either that or my daughter would beat the ever-loving stuffing out of the poor thing. I can't have that kinda brutality on my conscious.

alison said...

No, no, no, don't adopt a piƱata - they just end up beaten to smithereens. One case where it's better to be an orphan.

Glad the trip was great. And I also have to agree with Scott. Um, just how many beers did you guys have and just how much fun did they lead to?? Never mind, some things are better left in Seattle.

Brian said...

It was a great show.

Things were really rocking on Saturday and Sunday was a surprisingly good turn out considering it was Mother's Day.

I would make a funny comment about Craig's bed picture, but there is a strikingly similar one of me with two other dudes actually in the bed and pay back is a b!tch, so I will hold my tongue.

I won't be at Heroes, but I believe the boys already have some "Super" booth assistance already lined up, so my conscience is clear. I will be at Baltimore, however, to "help" out.