Wednesday, May 07, 2008

your true tales


because i'm feeling that we need to get things creepy around here again, here are two entries from our friends over at
Your True Tales at

this first one took place right across the river from where i live and i remember there being an smattering of reports of a bigfoot or something being sighted in that area at that time...

Your True Tales
April 2008

The Shrieking Hulk
by Anonymous

This takes place in about 1990-1992, I cant remember exactly. When I was younger (5-18) I lived in a very small town in upstate New York. I would rather not say the name of the town to protect its sheer natural beauty, but I will say it is near Coxsackie. Now I was young at the time (5-7 -- again don't really remember my age, but this event is in my mind like it was yesterday).

We were in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees, and being a young boy I liked to go out and play and stay out when it got dusk. We had a pond in the backyard, so I liked to go back there and look around. But one night was different. The area was usually loud with bird, and insect sounds, but not this night. I happened to look at the edge of the woods, and what I saw will stay with me until the day I die.

It was very large -- at least 8 feet tall, hairy as the day is long, bending over a sapling and staring at me. There was still some light out and it seemed to smile at me, as if it wanted me to come closer. But as I backed away, the smile turned into more of a sneer. Then the noise it made was the most god awful thing you have ever heard. It was like a howl with the sound of a dying rabbit (yes, they make a shriek right before they die).

I bolted to the house in record time. I never made it that fast before and slammed the door shut. My parents asked what was wrong, but I couldn't say a word. But the real strange thing happened that night. I don't know exactly when it happened, but when I woke up in the morning, the screen in my bedroom window was ripped out and thrown all the way across the stream next to my window (about 30-40 feet away).

I never saw or heard it again, until about 10 years later a close friend and I were out camping in my backyard. I heard it, but it was far away. We ran back to the house, but teenage pride got the best of us and we went back out there, but this time with a machete, a hatchet, and a large stick. But we never heard it again.

Your True Tales
April 2008

Chupacabras Attack
by CJ

This event happened on May 13 of 2006 in San Antonio, Texas. On this day, my friend was having a family celebration in which two other guys and I were invited. We had dinner and then decided to spend the night in a tent. Our tent had five windows, one right about where I was going to sleep. About 50 yards from our tent was a chicken coop filled with about two dozen chickens.

We all fell asleep at around 12:30. One of the other men woke the rest of us up with a scream. I continued to lie down, listening to his story about why he screamed, with my head leaning slightly against the side of the tent. Then, unexpectedly, I was hit in the head with three sharp nails. Each of these objects were outside the tent. I got up and looked out the small tent window only to see a small creature running on two feet away from the tent. It ran up to a tree and hid behind it. Then it popped its head out from behind the tree and I saw two big yellow-reddish eyes staring directly at me, which made me feel stunned and dazed, like I was in a dream or something.

After a couple of minutes of hearing the creature run by the tent over and over again, I realized it was stalking us. I told my friends what I saw and we decided to make a run for our trucks. One of the guys slowly unzipped the tent, but when I was nearly open, he yelled and fell backward on top of me. He said it was standing in front him staring at him, and then he said, "The quills on its back went straight up when it saw me."

We tried it again and this time we all darted out of the tent, running full speed. But when we nearing the trucks, I slipped and fell in some grass. Everyone else ran by me, leaving me behind. I got up and started running again, but this time I could hear the creature charging after me, directly behind me! But I managed to get there and jump in the bed of the truck and we drove off.

The next day we came back for our stuff and found 14 dead chickens, all mutilated with no blood. We also found footprints with three toes and claws. And where I got hit in the head up against the tent were three claw marks that slashed through the tent and left gashes in my head. I have never spoken of this story until now with anyone besides those friends.

as i've said before, i read these with a grain of salt--it is, after all, an open forum, but i do buy some of them more than others because of the way that they're written or because of some sincerity that comes through.
you decide...

have a great day!
smell ya later!


Brian said...

The "Bigfoot" story was my favorite as I could only picture Choopie while reading the second story so ended up with chuckles rather than chills.

Christian D. Leaf said...

True, Choopie does kinda deflect any creepiness of a Chupacabra story, though if I was getting spiked in the head and chased by one I'm sure I'd change my tune.

The Shrieking Hulk is very creepy. Especially with the smile that turned into a sneer. Gives the beast a malevolent mind. The window screen part sounds like an embellishment, but it's a good one.