Wednesday, July 30, 2008

monsters and zombies


so, we'll see how that whole monatauk monster thing develops.
did an old guy with a shopping cart just come along and wheel that thing away?

here's the thing; though both my parents grew up in my hometown of rhinebeck ny, i spent the first 8 or 9 years as a kid in the town of hicksville, long island, while my dad was a cop in the city and my mom was an elementary school teacher--well, until my brother and i came along. hicksville was one of the levittown communities ("rows of houses that are all the same...") and we had a great time there in the 60's, going to salisbury/eisenhower park, wantaugh park, jones beach, and, in the summers, when my dad would get a weeks vacation, we would go camping out on the very tip of long island in montauk. this worked out real well 'cause my dad and his buddies could sleep all day and go surf fishing all night and all us kids and the moms could spend the entire day at the beach! as a kid of 6, 7, 8, it was great! plus, we got to see a lot of hippies!

my brother and i were just talking about taking a drive down there to see if there was anything left of what we remember. probably the lighthouse and maybe a few other permanent landmarks...maybe...but we just thought it would be a fun trip.

we were gonna go down on the 12th, but some prior commitments made us have to put it off.

missed the monster by that much.



one of the reasons i really wish i lived closer to matt and christian is because of the zombies.

as a kid--i'll admit it now--i went through a period where i was a bit of a wuss when it came to horror movies. i remember our babysitter, debbie reismueller, getting me all freaked out when "attack of the 50 foot woman" was gonna be on--and then she paid for it when i called from my bed all night long that she had to turn the sound down, i could still hear it. i had an incredibly over-active imagination and i saw scary stuff everywhere! to this day, i get the chills thinking about the "old lady with her eye hanging out" that i supposedly saw in our neighbor's attic window!

anyway, i got braver--and more fascinated--and then obsessed with horror movies in the 80's when all the slasher flicks started becoming so popular. i loved the suspense, i loved the gore, and i loved learning how they did that stuff (enter fangoria magazine!) but mostly, i remember taking my girlfriend to see the first "friday the 13th" and thinking, "man, is she gonna shriek like this and dig her nails into my arm and bury her face in my chest at every horror movie...? then we're gonna see them all!!"

and we did.

besides karen--that screaming, nail-digging, face-burying girlfriend--i had another friend, my best friend, dennis, who loved the hack-'em-ups as much as i did. we went to anything and everything we could and would travel quite a distance just to see a horror movie that didn't make it to our local cinemas. good times.

but dennis and karen are long gone and most horror films are straight to dvd these days. and i don't really have anybody nearby that appreciates the thrill and the excitement that comes with going to--or popping in--some low budget masterpiece that's definitely gonna make me squirm and reel and, later, wonder how they did it. (without actually decapitating someone, i mean...)

matt and christian are those guys. they get together every now and then to go catch the latest bloodfest on the big screen of check out a new release dvd. they discuss it at great length and have fun just reveling in the gore and the horror. they are horror buddies and, man, i wish i lived closer.

christian sent me this awesome playground picture about a month ago. i love it!

and here is a cool/funny/creepy website that matt sent me the other day...

thanks, you guys!
all i can say is


here are your
"five for friday"

1. who wrote and directed the classic "night of the living dead"?

2. who wrote and starred in the zom-com shawn of the dead?

3. what character did stephen king play in the mini-series adaptation of his best-selling novel, the stand?

4. what award-winning make-up effects legend provided the splatterrific gore for dawn of the dead and day of the dead?

5. pets

a. what was the name of ross' pet monkey on friends?
b. what was the nickname the crew gave the giant mechanical shark on the set of jaws?
c. what was meredith and derek's dog's name on grey's anatomy?
d. what was the name of the cat that alf was always eager to eat on alf?
e. what was the name of the partridge family's dog?

have a great weekend!
smell ya later!


portalcomics said...

ve me some 5ff!!! don't know 'em all but a couple are right in my wheelhouse!!!

1. George Romero
2. Simon Pegg/Nick Frost
3. ???
4. Rick Baker?
5a. Marceau
5b. Bruce
5c. ???
5d. ???
5e. ???

It's August! almost time for the kids to go back to school!!!

does anyone remember that commercial a few years ago for Office Max or something like that and the parents are dancing in the school supply aisles and the kids are all looking depressed while the Christmas song "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is playing... I love that commercial!!

portalcomics said...

Ooops! it was Staples, not Office Max!!

still cracks me up!!!

~ Wendy ~ said...

a few more answers to complete Portal's..
3) Teddy Weizak - The Stand is one of my all time fav books and I have to read it at least once every couple of years!

5c - Doc
5d - Lucky
5e - Simone (I believe named after their real dog "simon"??)

and I LOVE that commercial - of course I AM one of the parents singing that song by the end of August!!

My brother & I use to be the ones watching all the scary movies - the Friday 13th's - the Halloweens .. When I'm in NY for the weekend we will some times get a few to watch at night after the kids are asleep.. another reason, I too, wish I was closer to NY.. *sigh*

Rich Faber said...


I'm not sure which landmarks were there when you were a kid several years before me, but Traci and I did a weekend trip out to Montauk about ten years ago, and everything I remembered from my childhood was still there. The lighthouse was a LOT closer to the water though. An erosion problem they're still trying to work out. Most stuff out east on the Island still looks pretty much the same. Except the Hamptons. Definitely ritzier, every time I go. All those movie stars!


PS: Neat time travel trick you have there, posting your Friday post on Wednesday, before your Thursday post! ;-)

Christian D. Leaf said...

Cripes. Can't believe I missed this post. (Sez it was posted Wednesday in the RSS feed.) Losing my mind as Lilah seems to get smarter. Do kids drain your intelligence? There's a story there...

True, it would be great if you lived closer, Todd. All the ladies could hang out while all us guys revel in the latest zombie/slasher/monster movie with a hint of MST3K thrown in for good measure. One of these days though we'll get the gang together.

As to the Fiver:
1. George Romero
2. Simon Pegg
3. I wish it was Tom Cullen
4. Tom Savini
5b. Bruce

renecarol said...

How in the world did I miss this post? I thought I was doing pretty well with keeping up with the blogging. I absolutely love horror movies. I got to share my faves with Mike. Kate and I were listening to the radio the other day and "I will survive" came on. I'm thinking what movie is this from? I know its a horror movie because its ironic how they sing that song and then they all die. Do you know?

ps I figured out ..but feel free to guess.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what else to say about the montauk monster except that it would've been awesome if you had been there @ the time for 1st hand knowledge.

I love the playground pic you got from Leaf.
I think the 4 kids @ the top have a chance to beat back the zomb's. They look like they mean business.

very cool dating site (from Mafus). I like the "It's OK to feed" message on the sidebar.

Matt Wieringo said...

I missed this as well! Thanks, Todd. You're welcome to join us any time. Three's company.

Brian said...

Ah, there's the Friday post.

Only knew that the called the Shark in Jaws Bruce.

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