Monday, September 15, 2008

tell me why i don't like mondays...


hope everybody had a nice weekend!
i did--more of a working weekend, but still fun!
though i DO still have a lot here a head of me.
so today's post is gonna be short.

our pal, warren newsom--who posted a really great portrait of molly over on the perhapanauts forum a short while ago--sent this over yesterday and i just had to get it out there for all of you to see!

i know i've told you all again and again how thrilled craig and i are to see your versions of our little gang! it's wonderful...and a little surreal! thanks, warren! that's great!


a lot of you have prob'ly already heard this, but i only tipped to it the other day and just had to link it. it's the answering machine message of a guy witnessing a fender bender right in front of him. if you've heard it, move on. if you haven't, take a moment and click this--i laughed so hard i was crying...


answers to your
"five on friday"

1. What musician played at the first ever rock concert at Shea Stadium, as well as the last ever?

Paul McCartney. He was the special unannounced guest at the recent Billy Joel concert, which was the last rock show at Shea.

2. When Charles Addams' horrible cartoon family, became the the TV show The Addams Family, Addams had to come up with names for all the family members. He came up with two for the father - Gomez and Repelli. Who made the final decision to name him Gomez?

Actor John Astin, who played Gomez on the show.

3. who worked for a time at the five and dime, his boss was mr. mcgee?

prince, raspberry beret, 1985

4. what is the english translation of chupacabra?

chupa = suck, cabra = goat

5. arachnid aliases!
which of spider-man's foes started out with these more common names!

a. adrian toomes = the vulture

b. mac gargan = the scorpion

c. max dillon = electro

d. wilson fisk = kingpin

e. hobie brown = the prowler

f. norman osborn = the green goblin

g. otto octavius = dr. octopus

h. curtis connors = the lizard

i. dmetri smerdyakov - the chameleon

j. norton g. fester = the looter

smell ya later!


Anonymous said...

Cool pic, Warren!

Hey Todd-
That phone call thing is just too funny.

~ Wendy ~ said...

LOL - that call was too funny - I'm not sure if I was laughing more at what the speaker was describing or the sound of him laughing.. Thanks for sharing!

Brian said...

Listening to it, I couldn't help but picture the little old ladies from "The Producers."

Thanks Todd.

Warren said...

Thanks for posting my drawing, Todd. I'm glad you liked it. I enjoy drawing your characters alot, even if I'm not that good, and am not at all consistent in how I portray them (of course, I have no "style" I draw in either...). And glad you enjoyed the Roswell Conspiracies dvds. I agree with about every point you made about the show. It could have been better, but it could have been much, much worse. Mostly, I wanted you to see them just because of the subject matter. :)