Wednesday, September 17, 2008

two for true


as i have done in the past, here are a couple of eerie stories that i lifted from the Your True Tales section over at each month they feature a gaggle of creepy tales sent in by you, the reader! now, i won't say that i buy all of them, but a few do manage to spark a sense of truth in me. and that's when they can get the hairs on the back of your neck to bristle...
what do you think...?

Your True Tales
September 2008

Dry Pond Creature
by Hitoridenka

It was a warm September evening in 1986. My best friend and I decided to take my dog for a walk. We chose to head to the other side of the river. The place we were going to used to have a pond in it where we would catch reptiles and amphibians in the summer and play hockey on in the winter. The pond had been drained a few years back when some machinery came and dug one of the sides out, letting the water drain. After the pond had been drained it became a place I often took my dog, Sarge, or went to shoot my rifle or shotguns.

Sarge was part doberman and part German shepherd. He had a reputation for being being afraid of nothing. As we left my house, the sun would soon be touching the hills that made up the surrounding countryside. We took Sarge across the train bridge, then when we got to the other side, we hiked into the woods that separated the train tracks from the river. The sun was just falling behind the hills when we got to the drained pond. I let Sarge run with no leash, and as dusk began setting in, my friend, dog, and myself began walking again.

Suddenly, Sarge took off up a hill after something. My friend and I chased after him as fast as we could. Normally, Sarge would attack any animals he found in the woods. I always had to yell at him to drop it. He was a very good dog and would always release when commanded. On this particular occasion, the first thing I noticed was that Sarge didn't attack. Instead, he was hunched down and the hair was all standing up on his back in an aggressive defense.

Sarge was growling and snarling at the creature, which my friend and I were completely shocked to see standing in the tall grass on two legs. This creature showed no signs of being afraid of my dog, although it did seem to see the three of us as a threat. It appeared to asses the three of us before it rolled off swiftly into the high grass. We watched as the grass going down the other side of the hill that we were standing on was rustled by the sudden movement of this creature.

Following is a description of what my friend and I saw and that spooked my dog. Both of us described the creature as being about 3.5 feet tall. We couldn't see its legs because they were obscured by the tall grass. Its arms appeared to be unnaturally long, as though they were used to help it close the gap rapidly between itself and its prey. The creature had long fingers at the end of its long, skinny arms. The fingers seemed to be tipped with very nasty-looking curved claws. Its head was an oval shape, like a football. Its eyes were huge, very similar to the eyes depicted on most images of aliens. It was dusk and getting darker every minute, so we were uncertain as to what color it was, but to both of us it appeared as though it was covered in a very thick layer of coagulated blood which had cracks running through it in places. Its stance, when we first approached, seemed as though it was ready to pounce upon my dog.

Two years later, about eight different friends of mine were walking through the woods to go camping in a cabin I knew about. I took the lead on this expedition, being that I was the only one who knew the way to the cabin. A very close friend of mine, who my other friend and I had never shared this story with, was the last bringing up the rear. My high school friend came to the front of the line to tell me that something was following us. I pulled him aside and asked him to describe it. He gave the same description as what my other friend and I saw when I was 13 years old. He said this creature was staying in the brush of the trail, but appeared crossing from tree to tree a few times. The only difference in the descriptions from my sighting to this other friend's was he said it appeared to be gray and its skin seemed smooth.

Whatever we saw I am not certain of, but I can say this: I have never seen anything like it in real life, before or after.

Your True Tales
September 2008 -

The Blue Man
by Amy

I'm not that type to believe in ghosts, demons, fairies, vampires, or anything like that. No, I'm too practical to believe in things like that. But to this day, I cannot be sure of that. Okay, so I wasn't visited by a ghost or a vampire. I was visited by a man. But I don't even know if he was a man... a real man.

It happened in the middle of the night in June of 2002. I was 8 years old, just sleeping in my bed. I had no idea that something strange was going to happen that night. For a second when I woke up, everything was normal. When I was younger, I would usually wake up in the middle of the night to use the toilet. But when I shifted onto my side to check the time on my clock on my nightstand, I was horrified. Crouching next to my bed was a man. I couldn't see his body, since he was crouching, and also because I was too entranced by his face. He had dark blue skin, and blue eyes that seemed to be reflecting a lot of light, as if the moon was shining on him. But my blinds were shut. And his hair was the darkest shade of black I've ever seen. It was very straight, and it looked somewhat soft. It was split down the middle and stopped short at his shoulders.

I didn't know what to think, what to do. I was petrified, not amazed. The blue man did not budge. He did not blink. He just stared at me, so all I could do to escape his penetrating eyes was to shift back onto my back and cover my face with my blanket. I dared not turn to the other side of the bed in fear that he'd be there, too.

I called for my mom, which I usually did anyway, so she could turn the hall light on because I was scared of the dark. She came, acted like nothing was happening and it was all just a normal night. I didn't act strange either, just ran to the restroom to pee. When I came back to my bed, the mysterious blue man was gone. I went to sleep, lying on my back so I couldn't see him at the side of my bed.

The next morning, I asked my mom if she remembered me calling her that night. She said no. I was surprised, and I told her about what had happened. She thought it was just a silly dream. But I know it wasn't. When I woke up that night, everything in my room was exactly how it was and should be. When my mom had come to turn on the lights, she was wearing the same pajamas she had worn to bed that night. It couldn't have been a dream. That's impossible.

From that night on, I never dared to sleep on my side, just in case I'd wake up to see that blue man staring at me. That's the last time it happened, and I never thought about it until I was on this website and talking to my friend about "weird things." Was he a man? A type of blue demon? I don't even know what demons look like. Whatever it was, that's one night I can never forget.

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Anonymous said...

Two very creepy stories.

I'd hate to run into the dry lake creature.

I wonder if the blue man may have been a ghost, perhaps a relative of the story teller.

Brian said...

Ok, now I am officially never going to see the Blue Man Group.

; )

Warren said...

Daaang. Those were some creepy stories, but that second one...

~ Wendy ~ said...

Yikes.. the first one, if you squint your eyes just like this -- could kinda look like Choopie...

the 2nd story.. ok. that was scary. I'm glad I have a king bed because I will be sleeping smack in the middle of it - on my back - staring at the ceiling until I fall asleep. *shiver*

Christian D. Leaf said...

That first story is a definite creeper, but that blue man one is just as unsettling. I've had some waking dreams like that. For instance: a clown standing at the foot of my bed, teeth bared (like the Chatterer from Hellraiser) and biting loudly. Scared the heck outta my dog when I yelled out. Still sticks with me even though I know it wasn't real.