Wednesday, July 22, 2009



every morning when i sit down at the computer, the first thing i do before i check my email or write up and/or post the blog, is click on the first link on my bookmarks bar which is simply the word animals. it takes me to this site:

and once there, i click on the big purple button and i'm done.

i've just provided an animal shelter somewhere with a little more dog food or cat food or rabbit food or whatever...
just two clicks and then i can go on and check my mail and my myspace page and my facebook page...
mike and i found this site--the animal rescue site--simultaneously a few years back and told each other about it and then laughed that we both knew about it already.

so i'll ask you--can you spare two clicks?
why not put animals in your bookmarks bar and give a couple clicks each morning. just two. easy, right? they don't add your name to any mailing lists or charity co-ops--you're in and out in a few seconds and you've helped feed a hungry pet, one that was more than likely abused or abandoned.

and if you want to think locally, with another two clicks you can choose the shelter that benefits from your click, your own local shelter or one you know needs help. i send mine to the dutchess county spca in hyde park ny where sharon's brother and sister-in-law do a lot of volunteer work. s'up to you...

they also have a store featuring some really nice stuff where 100% of the profits go to rescuing abandoned or injured pets. i've bought a few cool things there and occasionally make direct donations.

that's what i do first thing every morning. what do you do?


so i'm gettting in some trivia questions...but i could definitely use more!

as i said, i'll post the trivia questions here on friday morning and then my answers at about noon. i'll put my answers in the comments section of the blog so as not to ruin it for those of you also playing along. i've already received some really good ones (read: hard ones) and i think this'll be a lot of fun!
but if you've got some and were planning on sending 'em in--do it now!

that's all i got for today!
smell ya later!


Bill Nolan said...

I go there every morning, too. A close friend of mine sent me that link a while back and I haven't missed a day since.

Heywood Jablomie said...

sweet thanks for the link todd! i went and clicked today, and will continue to do so from here on out.

i have an 'e' coming your way with some trivia and general hey's, just bogged at the moment.

Brian said...

Done, and while there I signed the petition to stop aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska.

There is nothing sporting about the practice and it is extremely unfair to the animal. I have not respect for someone who doesn't even give the animal a chance. It is almost like hunting at a zoo.

alison said...

Thanks for the reminder, Todd, I was was visiting daily ages ago, but then - you know - bright shiny thing. . .

Also, everyone, please take a second to click on the breast cancer tab and link, as well, aw hell, click on all the tabs and links, they're all good causes.